Real China

Real China

real China: Killing God

In Chinese myth, almost all the story of confrontation with God.


The sky appeared ten sun god, too hot, then we shot down nine, this story is called "Hou Yi shoot the sun".


Playing at the beach accidentally drowned, it becomes a bird, the title of small stones to fill the sea, the story is called "Jingwei fill the sea".


And the sun god race, has been catching up to the sun where the last thirst. This story is called "Kuafu catch the sun".


The flood came, no Noah's ark, but we dug the river, let the water flow. This story is called "Dayu governance flood".


No Prometheus to help us stolen fire, we simply use their own wood friction to create fire. This story is called "drilling wood fire".


There are two mountains at the door, go out inconvenient, simply dig the mountains removed. This story is called "Yu Gong move the mountain".


Ancient Chinese people very early on the gods as a service, all things done well is their own efforts, can not do their own incompetence, neither the need to thank God, do not need to be responsible for god.


In fact, the Chinese people are very realistic, if the belief is useful, he has faith, if divorced from religion, he is out of religion.


This may be a bit less sincere, but this is also the reason for the continuation of the Chinese civilization.




As we explore history more and try to find the roots of Chinese attitudes toward God, we finally find that this may be related to China's environment.

In foreign countries, the legend of the Great Flood should be scientifically the end of the Ice Age and rising sea levels. In China, in addition to rising sea levels, there was another flood caused by the earthquake on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. This flood almost cut off the Chinese civilization. In this flood, “Dayu” brought people to control the flood.

In other regions, God saved mankind, and in China, mankind saved himself.

China's Yellow River is a very special river, constantly accumulating, constantly diverting, constantly flooding, there is no law.

From ancient times to the present, China’s flood control has always been dominated by the government. This is a achievable achievement. If we work hard, we can create miracles, thus creating a strong government. The influence of religion naturally declines. After all, we pray to God. It is also impossible to avoid flooding by offering property.

The topic of the flood is "Outburst flood at 1920 BCE supports historicity of China's Great Flood and the Xia dynasty", published in "science"

So why do Chinese people believe in God? We can not only do what God does, but we can also replace God.

real China:lighthouse country

In China, there is a saying, the United States is the beacon of world civilization, so they called the United States as a "Lighthouse country."


So they have a special kind of goodwill to the United States, the same Americans have a good impression that the Americans warm and straightforward.


Most of the time, they do not care if an American is rich, but whether he really conforms to the American spirit, "free, open."


Of course, most Americans do pursue freedom and openness.

real China: chinese gods

Chinese God is their ancestors, their love will die ancestors set into gods. But they are not totally dependent on the gods. In my opinion, the Chinese and the gods, there is a trading relationship, if their desire is not reached, then they will no longer believe in god. This is because in the history of the Chinese people have experienced more difficulties. They have always been pragmatic, not to pay too much for the false things, so that they can continue to this day.

real China:Single dog

Single dog, in the Chinese inside that a single person without a spouse of the lonely, is a joke.


When people show themselves and their loved ones, people will say that this is the "abuse of the dog" or "feed dog food."


At present in China, men than women more than 30 million, so "abuse of dogs" this kind of thing, is often on the network.


now,they creat a new word:”Abuse dog“,the real meaning is: show love in front of single people.





















real China: rich Chinese

There are many Chinese people traveling abroad, but also buy a lot of things, every year in May and October, some countries around China will usher in a grand shopping party.


In fact, China's rich people are not so much more people flies or very common. Of course, compared to the previous is more affluent, but compared to the United States, Japan, Western European countries, a lot worse.


But China has 1.4 billion people, even if only one percent of the rich, that there are 14 million so much.


Now, the gap between rich and poor in China is widening, the situation is not optimistic, the distance between classes is also larger, people want to study and work to change their own class, has been much more difficult than before.


Of course, the Chinese people have a very prominent advantage, is very, very strong realism thinking.



Is China a developed country?

Not only did the Chinese ask this question, but foreigners also asked.

But in China, the general view is that although China has made great progress, China is not a developed country, and it is still a lot worse.

China's economy has been greatly improved in the past 20 years, and people have money. But this is because it is because there are many people. It seems to be rich. If it is distributed to everyone on average, the Chinese are poorer.

From the perspective of per capita food production, China's ranking is very low.

In terms of per capita wealth, China ranks very low.

In terms of per capita education, China ranks very low.

Therefore, even if the outside world feels that China is already very rich and powerful, in fact, China is still far away.

real China:Textbooks teach you rebellion

In China, in secondary school began to tell you the following knowledge:

- The essence of the state is a tool of tools, is violent, is part of the people used to rule the other part of the people.

- Where there is oppression, where there is resistance.

- Everything has the right and wrong parts.

- The world is changing and can not look at the world in a static way.

- Many parts of the conflict can be divided into primary and secondary relationships, to seize the main line. The major and the minor will change with each other.

- The law represents the ruling class.

- Practice is the sole criterion for testing truth.


When looking at the political system, Westerners think: a system in this country success, moved to another country can be successful, but the Arab Spring was digging everywhere.


The Chinese tend to absorb the useful parts according to the actual situation. The attitude towards democracy and despotism can only be determined through practice.

A system that can succeed in one country may fail in another. Successful institutions can fail in the future as they change.

real China:Chinese see the political correctness of the United States


Because the Chinese people will generally be some dialectics, the understanding of things not so extreme and naive. So for the Chinese people, most of the time there is no political correctness, on the network, everyone's point of view is different, who is also against who.




Here are some comments from Chinese:



I suddenly understand something, if we organize a force, all trained by the veterans of the sick and other groups of people with discrimination, with a variety of cute pet dogs and cats after special training, would not destroy the United States did not dare to resist ??




Safe house? . The people of the United States are now so sensitive and fragile?



It is a pity that America is a great opponent, if we were defeated by ourselves before we were defeated.



I need to be clear about living in a country that is not so politically correct (relative, relative)



So, support Trump. Hillary is a good politician, but there is no hope to bring change to the United States, the Western society and then so conceited hands and feet will be rotten, it is time there are some changes, even if only to muddy the water, but also stronger than a pool of stagnant water.



My boss can not criticize me, or he is discriminating against women / blacks / LGBT / fat / thin / tall / short / Latino.

My teacher can not give me C, or is discrimination ... ... ... ...

You are normal white men how to do? Deserve. What are you doing in Asian? Deserve.



The United States is powerful and tolerant, and is so-called inclusiveness. Tang is also the year.



People of this creature, as long as the stomach to eat, it will start looking for nothing to death



The so-called great countries are basically their own ruin ... ...



If the conversation can not afford some of the topic, or because some of the discussion of the whole people are not good, you can escape here. There are cute little dog video; a pillow; a crayon; also placed light music ..... ha ha ha sooner or later die in the comfort zone



American flag only red and white blue, white but not black, racial discrimination! US White House is white, white supremacy! Men can not see gynecology, women can not see male subjects, gender discrimination! When the President of the United States to take the oath to the Bible, rather than the "Koran" "Diamond Sutra" "Shock Yanjing" "Tao Te Ching", religious discrimination!



Political correctness in China is tossing for a long time, the last was "practice is the only criterion for testing the truth" to completely defeat



The terrible thing about a PC is that it represses or even runs counter to common sense and the realities of a given social and historical context.


real China:eat 2



American Asian carp flooding

Chinese: group to help eat



The United States bullfrog proliferation

Chinese: Ganguo sauce explosion can be



Scotland was infested with crayfish

Chinese: volunteer when the crayfish predators



Australian rabbits are flooding

Chinese: Do you know rabbit meat there are several practices?



German crabs are flooding

Chinese: do not eat is a waste



This year, the Australian wild goats flooding!

Chinese: they start a new round of worry






A girl inside the kitchen to open the gas, want to commit suicide, eat a steamed sweet potatoes, and then turn off the gas, do not commit suicide.




So the Chinese people well managed to eat, live, they can be very happy, this is the real fun.

How difficult is it for China to be rich?

Chinese northernmost and Denmark Copenhagen, the southernmost tip of Sultan, and Panama, look Chinese many large Chinese, but there is a large area of desert, wasteland, grassland, mountain, is not suitable for people to live.

Although China is already the world's second largest economy, the average number of people in the 1 billion 400 million countries is too small.

The Chinese are envious of American arable land. Although the size of the two countries is similar, the cultivated land in the United States is several times that of China, and only the eastern part of China is more suitable for farming.

Chinese people often say that the complexity of China and the complexity of the whole earth is the same, some people are rich, some people are very poor, the country is very rich, but the majority of the people are poor.

In the current situation in China, it is not easy to maintain a relatively stable environment. It is also difficult to improve some of the economy. Nevertheless, China has made good achievements.

People also need to know more about China and know more about china.

Chinese capitalist

China once eliminated capitalists after the founding of New China.

Later planned economy can not continue, quietly allowed the private economy.

At that time people work hard, because hard work is for yourself for the country.


Then the capitalists reappeared, they were the bosses, and they sought wealth.


However, Chinese workers do not know that they are squeezed by the bosses, who still say they should work hard.


From the current situation, the capitalists have not yet controlled the country, but they have taken control of the economy and are slowly watching the news media.


I am worried about the fear that after decades of peace, Chinese people have forgotten how terrible they were.

How to treat the world news envy of China? (



China - the whole world praises me.

Taiwan Province, Japan - the whole world envies me.

North Korea, the United States - there are always bad guys in the world want to harm me.

Turkey - The world's talented civilizations were once my father.

South Korea - Niubi civilizations around the world used to be my son.

Australia: The world is very concerned about me.

India - The world loves me, except China.

Pakistan - The world loves China, except India.

Britain: the world is very low.

Russia: The whole world is a U.S. lackey.

Germany: I'm sorry world wide.

China's infrastructure


China has undergone great changes in the last 20-30 years.

More high-speed railways were built, more bridges and culverts were built, more buildings were built, more highways were built, and China's infrastructure was still abroad.

This is because China has greatly improved the production of construction raw materials in the past few decades, and there have also been many migrant workers who have turned from agriculture to industry. These migrant workers have undergone more education and still have to work hard. tradition of.

The large population is a great advantage, and the governance of one party has also improved the efficiency of work. Therefore, many large-scale projects have been built one after another.

But now, that is, in 2018, China's population advantage has been significantly weakened, wages are rising, product costs are rising, and people are reluctant to engage in particularly hard and dangerous work.

In the United Kingdom, France, the United States and other places, this has happened 50 years ago, and now it is China's turn.

As incomes increase, people no longer want to grieve themselves.

So now that China's infrastructure is still accelerating, it is foreseeable that China's infrastructure will gradually become slower in the next decade.

Crazy house

China did not have a real estate industry before 1980.

The rural people at that time had their own homesteads and could build their own houses. At that time, urban people could distribute their houses through their work units. People at that time could crowd together in small houses for generations without feeling uncomfortable. .

Later, people in the city can no longer be assigned to the house. They go to buy a house. The price of the house is not expensive. Of course, many people can't afford it. Some people continue to hope that the work unit can give them a house, but then there is no longer. This is the case.

It turns out that in China, the ownership of land belongs to the state. The land that the peasants build the house is given free of charge by the state, but it cannot be used for trading. In the city, the rights of the house are divided into two parts, one part is the ownership of the land. This is the country. It is rented by the owner and part of the ownership of the building is completely owned by the owner.

The rapid development of Chinese cities, their roads, parks, subways and other public facilities are almost all built by selling land use rights. The bigger the city, the more money it needs, the more it has to sell land use rights.

Many cities in China have obtained a lot of money in this way, so they like this way, the price of land has risen, and the houses built on the land naturally have to rise in price, so the price of Chinese houses is 20 It has risen many times during the year.

The young people in China are gradually becoming self-reliant and unwilling to live with their elders, so they also want to buy a house. The result of many people buying a house is that the house continues to rise in price, in cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. The price of the house even reached and exceeded London and New York.

This is a bit like the previous Japan. Later, Japan’s economy had a big problem, and China naturally could not escape.

Entrepreneurs who are engaged in industry and manufacturing find that building houses and buying houses and selling houses are more profitable. They don't want to continue to invest in production. They use profits to buy houses and build houses. Entrepreneurs who want to stick to it find that rent and land prices have become unbearable.

Real estate has kidnapped China's manufacturing industry and kidnapped people in China. People are now under great pressure. The Chinese have had a high amount of deposits, but now they are mostly on loans because they have to pay back their mortgages.


The current Chinese government is worried that the price of the house will rise too fast, and it is more worried that the price of the house will fall.

Ordinary people are waiting for it to fall, so that they can afford to buy a house, but those who have a house, and worry about the house price cuts, so that the value of their assets is reduced, the society has actually had a bit of potential chaos.

Crazy house!

Crazy house 2


China has a large area, and its development in various places is very uneven. The east and the south are plains. The precipitation is relatively large. It is close to the sea and the economy is developed. In the north and the west, there are plateaus, mountains and deserts. The economic conditions are general and it is not easy to survive.

Not only is the living conditions uneven, social security, education, job opportunities, and imbalances.

People want to be in better conditions, so they like to go to the east and south of China. For the 1.2 billion people in China, they are flocking to the east and the south. There are more and more people in the big cities, and house prices are constantly rise.

In the central and western regions, houses are not that expensive, but no one buys them.

In this way, the houses in big cities continue to rise in price, and the housing is still very scarce, so they continue to raise prices.

In China, if you own a house, you will have medical insurance and endowment insurance corresponding to the city. Children also have corresponding educational conditions. It is true that the education level of different regions and cities is also quite different. The difference between urban and rural areas is greater because Good teachers have gone to the city.

This kind of welfare benefits tied to the house is also one of the reasons why people are crazy about the good houses in big cities.

Is Trump likely to be re-elected?





The traders in Yiwu, China have decided that in 2020, Comrade Chuan Jianguo(Another name for Trump, jianguo is a common name in China in the 1970s.) will continue to be re-elected as the leader of the country.

At present, the textile factory in Yiwu has begun to receive orders from the United States to start producing the shirts and shirts worn by Trump in the 2020 campaign. And its total order volume has been several times the demand of the Democratic Party.










For each current president, re-election is quite easy. In general, the current president has advantages over ordinary competitors:
1. Extensive visibility.
2. Achievements.
Trump has no problem in terms of political achievements, and he has a new advantage over the 16-year general election: the extinction of the nevertrump in the Republican Party marks the unity of the GOP, and at least the party will not drag people down. In addition, if the Democratic Party’s midterm elections fail to achieve important victories, the internal extreme left and moderates will be torn apart.



It is felt that the President of the United States has only kept his life for nearly a hundred years, and his political achievements are not a big problem. He has the willingness to re-elect is a high probability event.




I don't understand American politics, but even Obama can be re-elected. Needless to say?



If the primary election can pass, the election wins a lot, and it is too late for Hispanics to work hard to have children.



Even Bush can be re-elected, and Trump can be re-elected in all likelihood.


很大 也好很希望他连任

资本主义是在共产主义的逼迫之下才学会福利制度 共产主义在资本主义的反攻之下才放弃了世卿世禄

底层屁屁想过的更好 必须有外部压力

Possibility, I hope that he will be re-elected.

Capitalism learned the welfare system under the persecution of communism. Communism gave up the power of generations under the counterattack of capitalism.

The bottom civilians have thought better, there must be external pressure



As long as he does not die, he can be re-elected as president.



Basically, as long as there is no big mistake, there is no non-renewable, because no one is willing to put the mess that the president has not finished in the middle of the next.

Chinese views on the Japanese

The Chinese used to like Japan very much, and of course they like it now.

The previous favorite refers to worship. For example, the Meiji Restoration has strengthened Japan. Many Chinese people go to Japan to study and want to learn how to make the country strong.

Later, he studied Japanese military and economics, medicine, etc. Lu Xun, a famous Chinese writer, was studying medicine in Sendai City, Japan.

Although in the history of China, Japan has been a dependent country for a long time, during the Tang Dynasty, a large number of people were arranged to study in China. Japanese culture and Chinese culture are very similar. However, after Japan’s power, it always likes to occupy North Korea and China. Land, maybe they are really afraid that the Japanese island will sink in the Pacific Ocean.

After the founding of the People's Republic of China, China is not very friendly to Japan, but Japan has helped China a lot. Japanese TV dramas and cartoons have caused great popularity, and Japanese electrical products have also been sought after.

It is a pity that the Chinese have great opinions on the Japanese Prime Minister’s visit to the Yasukuni Shrine. Together with the Japanese aggression against China, which killed tens of millions of Chinese, they have plundered a large amount of wealth and conducted human research in China. The famous 731 troops use China. People conduct bacterial weapon experiments.

So later, China was cold to Japan, gradually interrupting the introduction of Japanese TV dramas and cartoons, and also resisting Japanese goods (in fact, even if it was boycotted, a large number of Chinese still believed that Japanese goods were of good quality, attention to detail, and durability. The fact is also true)

Later, China's economy developed, and Japan had a small decline. After the economic development, China still did not dislike the Japanese. It only had opinions on the country of Japan because they had killed a large number of Chinese people without knowing repentance.

If it is a single Japanese, it is easy for the Chinese to accept him when he does not discuss Japan’s war of aggression against China. This is an attraction in culture. If he supports Japan's aggression against China, then he will be despised.

Now the Chinese think that the Japanese are not bad, pay attention to details, obey the order, and don't like to bring trouble to others. They are very depressed. It seems very good to eat. It is a very powerful country.

However, most Chinese also believe that once China is weak, Japan will inevitably invade China again. They like to worship the strong, bully the weak, and lack the style of a big country.

Chinese young people like to watch pornography in Japan, almost all of which are pirated. They like Japanese actress, represented by Aoi, and dubbed "Cang teacher"

The common hobby of the Chinese and the Japanese is to despise the Koreans together. This is the beginning of everyone's friendship.

Crazy house 3


Another reason for China's rising house prices is that everyone's money is invested in real estate, just like the Dutch tulip fanatics many years ago. Everyone thinks that after buying a house, the price will rise and bring a lot to themselves. Profit.

In particular, the Chinese have an inexplicable love for the house. They think that as a property and a heritage, the house is a good choice, and buying stocks cannot make money.

The Chinese economy has also encountered problems in recent years. The efficiency of state-owned enterprises is low, and the operating costs of private enterprises are high. This is not as cost-effective as building a house and buying a house.

The government is happy with this, and we have analyzed it before. Selling land brings huge profits to the government.

Similarly, people who carry house loans are more able to work hard and are better for social stability.

As a result, people continue to buy a house, the more they increase the price, the more they buy. Finally, the price has risen to the bottom that ordinary people can't afford.

China's big cities have closed their doors to young people. They are not only difficult to buy a house, but even their rents have risen to an unacceptable level. In desperation, they have to return to their hometowns.

Because of this, the former cheap workers, such as couriers and restaurant service staff, are also increasing. If they do not raise their wages, they will not be able to pay the rent, and the cost of living in the big cities is increasing.

After a large amount of money has been invested in real estate, people have been unable to consume, and small enterprises have been unable to maintain production. Now the government is leading the economic transformation, and various policies restricting overheating of real estate are being formulated and implemented. At present, housing prices have been stable.

In the past, similar real estate overheating occurred in Japan. Later, the Japanese economy suffered a major setback. Almost all Chinese are worried that if the house price falls, the economy will be affected. If the house price continues to rise, the economy will also be affected. Real estate has kidnapped the economy.

I hope to have better results.

Chinese football 1


The Chinese men's soccer team entered the World Cup in 2002. Many people were very excited, but they did not expect this to be the highest light of Chinese football. Before that, after that, Chinese football was very weak, and now it is a bad recession. .

The youth training of Chinese football is very unimportant, the players are not self-disciplined, and they are not motivated. They didn't know what to do before 2000. After 2000, they didn't need to be very good and they could get high wages and no motivation to improve.

China’s new national leaders like football and attach importance to football, but Chinese football still has not grown.

In the match between China and India held yesterday, people saw a farce that was not good enough. They proved that among the 3 billion people, it is difficult to find 22 people who played well.

why is it like this?

The reason is very simple. The Chinese are too many and too tired.

Because there are many people and fierce competition, only a few people who love football can become professional players. Others will have to continue to work for survival. Because there are many people and fierce competition, people have already consumed a lot of work. Energy, there is not much time to play in the spare time.

Parents of children must let them study hard instead of playing football, because only by studying hard and getting into college can they find a good job, otherwise they will face competition from highly educated talents in their jobs. Such losses are too Big.

When will Chinese football have a better performance?

I think there are only two possibilities. One is a god-like player. Just like Bailey or Maradona, Messi and three Ronaldo are not good. One is that the overall strength is improved, and everyone is very good. That may have a chance.

But the status quo is: they will not work.

I have a friend who buys a lottery ticket every time he meets the Chinese football team and specifies that China loses. As a result, he makes a lot of money.

Chinese football...oh, forget it.

Chinese views of Indians

The Chinese think that Indians are very strange and different from people in most parts of the world.

The Chinese believe that India is divided into two categories, one is an ancient Indian. They are darker in color, smaller in size, and have a very strong civilization, but they are low castes and are ruled by another type. The other is The invaders, white skin, belong to the Aryans. They, as barbarians, occupied India and became high castes.

The civilization of India has also been interrupted. Buddhism, which has great influence on China, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea, Cambodia and other countries, has also become tiny in India. Other old religions are gone.

The first is the class inequality in India, which is still very serious today, but the Indians did not resist, and the Chinese had proposed more than two thousand years ago that "the king and the nobility were not born."

There is also the "rape" of the Indians, which is well known throughout the world, and although there are "rape" in many parts of the world, it is not as much as India, and women cannot walk around the street. Even Indians think that women wear less and are seduce them.

Similarly, Indians do not feel shame. They are small and evasive. They are considered to be justified. They will use other people's things in an unrestrained manner without any embarrassment. In terms of credit, this place in India is very bad. Yes, they will take things away and not consider themselves thieves.

Of course, the confidence of the Indians is very exaggerated, and the mouth is bragging, plus no shame, there is no feeling of guilty. Of course, some bosses like such employees, so some Chinese think that a company only has the first An Indian, there will be a second, a third or even more, and then the work of others will be described as their own, then those who work hard will be forced to leave, and finally the entire company is Indian. Then I will get rid of it.

Of course, many people in India who work abroad are not like this. They come from low castes, improve themselves through hard work, then leave their country and work in other countries, they seem normal. Among them, a large part of Indian women is also very good.

What makes the Chinese most interested is the motorcycle show after the Indian military parade. It is said that the whole world likes to look at it with a smile.




In the eyes of the Chinese, is there no advantage for Indians?


Some people think that although there are not many smart people in India, there are a few Indians whose IQ is very high. They are also very good students in the United States and other places. Their work is also good. Of course, the shortcomings of personality have already been said. .

There are also ancient civilizations and history in India. Although there are interruptions, there are many that are worth learning.

Others believe that India's strength lies in the fact that since independence, the area has expanded a lot, occupying Sikkim and southern Tibet and other areas, and some parts of China are under the control of India, which is still very powerful.

Any other advantages?

Waiting to continue to discover.

Chinese views of Koreans

Most Chinese do not like Koreans. If they like, then they like those beautiful stars, and most of the beautiful stars are beautiful through plastic surgery.

Yes, looking at people in terms of appearance, very superficial and direct.

Because the native Koreans are really not good-looking.

Fortunately, they have a high level of plastic surgery, so they can look good through plastic surgery, but sometimes they look like one.

South Korea’s economy and technology are very developed, and the Chinese are recognized in this regard.

But in other respects, Koreans are not flattering.

The first is Korean food. Their food is not so good as kimchi or kimchi. It seems that there is nothing delicious, and there is barbecue. It is actually no better than Chinese kimchi and barbecue.

There is also the arrogance of Koreans, as if they created the world, so some Chinese like to call them "the country of the universe", but I can imagine that this is not a compliment.

This kind of arrogance may be the result of being bullied by China, Japan, and the United States for thousands of years. Just like the symptoms of a bullied child growing up, it shows that he has not been bullied in various ways.

Therefore, in the 2002 World Cup, the things that I did for Italy and Spain seemed to be understandable. There was also the 1988 Seoul Olympics, the boxing match, and there was nothing to say. This shameless attempt to win over the world shocked the world. ,again and again.

The feelings of the Chinese and the Japanese are average, but when it comes to Koreans, the Chinese and the Japanese become good friends...

The Koreans also have a strange problem. They have done something wrong abroad. They always say "I am Chinese." "Get out of the way, I am Chinese." "Sorry, I am Chinese."

No wonder some people say that Indians are not polite because they don't know how to be polite. Koreans do bad things because they like to do bad things.


waiting for update……

Chinese eyes

The vast majority of Chinese are double eyelids...this is not the same as the outside world.

In addition, the Chinese eyelids are thicker and look smaller.

The scientists concluded that the Chinese people need to face the cold wind most of the time in the process of migration to East Asia, and the thick eyelids will survive.

It looks really thrilling, and the Inuit are also thick eyelids.

This is the result of natural selection. When the world is once again surrounded by glaciers, perhaps the Chinese will have more people to survive, haha.

It is widely believed that the eyes of Chinese beautiful women are narrow and long. In fact, the Chinese do not think so. The beauty of China is not so long. The eyes are brighter and bigger, yes, the eyes are bigger, can Show your heart.

Chinese people think that people's eyes are big or small, they must be matched with facial organs, and they can't use a type very rigidly. Many Americans and Europeans have such illusions.

Chinese national pride

Two thousand years ago, the Chinese had been the center of the world for many times, in the Han Dynasty, in the Tang Dynasty, in the Song Dynasty, and in the Ming Dynasty.

They can despise the world at the time because they are the most powerful and the richest.

Until 200 years ago, China fell behind, was bullied, attacked, and divided.

It was not until 1949 that a new beginning was ushered in.

It was not until 2010 that China really developed.

Of course, for the Chinese, they are still far away.

China lacks oil and iron ore compared to the Arabian Peninsula and Australia.

Compared to South America, China lacks a large amount of forest.

Compared with the United States, China lacks money, technology, and cultivated land.

China lacks land compared to Russia and Canada.

Compared with many European countries, China lacks money and technology and lacks a peaceful life.


In 1990, at the Beijing Asian Games, the Chinese were full of joy and everyone was very happy.

Yao Ming is very happy when he landed in the NBA.

Liu Xiang broke the record and the Chinese are very happy.

The Chinese women's volleyball team and Chinese table tennis are very strong, and the Chinese are very happy.

However, after the Chinese are happy, they are still saddened by the Chinese football because Chinese football is very bad.


In 2008, after the Beijing Olympics, after the London Olympics and the Rio Olympic Games, Chinese talents calmed down and gradually accepted their own deficiencies, and no longer desperately became the first in every field.

This mentality is hard to come by.

Because for the Chinese, the efforts of others are to create a new future, the Chinese strive to return to the position that the ancestors have ever reached.

Chinese and watermelon

Chinese people like to eat watermelon most, and the land on China has the most watermelons.

Japan and South Korea around China are not big enough, the output of agricultural products is not big enough, and the price of watermelon is very high. They like to cut watermelon into pieces.

The Chinese are very unconstrained. They like to cut the watermelon in half and then dig it with a spoon. Because China's watermelon production is about 70% of the world's watermelon production.

The spoon that is the most central of the legendary watermelon is the best...

The family is sitting together, each person holding half a watermelon, eating watermelon, watching TV, this is a happy life.


I heard that in the United States, watermelon is related to the skin color. It is really strange that not many people eat delicious watermelons.

If you find that the Chinese have bought a lot of watermelons in the United States, don't have any thoughts. He just wants to eat watermelon.

If a Chinese asks you to eat watermelon with him, don't misunderstand it, just because he thinks delicious watermelon can be shared with you.

Hot water

Chinese people like to drink hot water. They think it is cooked water (corresponding to raw water), just like meat should be cooked, vegetables should be cooked, and water should be cooked.

Not everyone drinks hot water. Early rural people or poor people do not have this habit, but in most families, as long as the family conditions are better, they will drink hot water.

First of all, because there is no germ in the hot water, the Chinese have escaped many outbreaks of intestinal infectious diseases with this habit, while Europe at that time relied on alcohol.

Second, hot water can provide heat. For people who are not very good, hot water can help them maintain their body temperature. For people with fever, drinking hot water can promote heat dissipation.

Third, hot water can make people feel emotionally stable. If it is hot tea or hot water with sugar, the effect will be better.

Moreover, for women, drinking hot water during the physiological period can also relieve dysmenorrhea. For thirsty people, drinking hot water is more thirsty.

Therefore, the Chinese are still very passionate about hot water. Similarly, drinking hot water is also a Chinese tradition.

Drinking a cup of hot water and relaxing after work every day or after work is a very low cost of happiness.

How do Chinese people type?

After many people have seen Chinese, they are very curious about the input of Chinese characters. They think that the keyboard used by Chinese people will be a big and complicated thing.


However, in fact, the keyboard used by the Chinese is exactly the same as the keyboard used by the Americans. The keyboard only needs to be marked with English. Unlike some countries, it is necessary to mark the text of their own country on the keyboard.


Because Chinese characters can be organized by "Pinyin", "Pinyin" also uses 26 English letters.

Coupled with the intelligent improvement of the input method, with the Lenovo function, you can directly type a sentence, the recognition rate is quite high.

Because of this, early Chinese people used nine-button mobile phones to quickly type Chinese characters.

In addition, the amount of information contained in Chinese characters is very large, so using an ordinary English keyboard, the typing speed is very fast.


If there is no input from Western civilization, can we give birth to real science at home?

Some forums in China have raised some questions. If there is no Western civilization, such as Western civilization in the United Kingdom, Italy, France and other regions affecting China, then can China have scientific ideas and technologies?

The answer for many Chinese people is: No.

Although China has studied calculus, astronomy, geography, and medicine very early, and made progress in planting, papermaking, compass, gunpowder, etc., it is only the accumulation of experience, or the accumulation of technology, and there is no science.

Some even said that even if China develops independently for two thousand years, it will only replace the dynasty and the king at most, and there will be no science.

This is a very objective statement.

Because ancient China lacks the habit of exploration and adventure, they are agricultural civilizations, do not advocate adventures, and take risks and break through the original restrictions in order to allow scientific exploration.

The new things that the Chinese discover, they will summarize, but usually do not study more deeply, such as the compass, they used to sail, but they can not consider the magnetic lines. Gunpowder, they can be used as firecrackers or guns, but most of the time they will not improve, or study things like TNT.

Egypt, Babylon, and India, which are also ancient civilizations, have not produced the spirit of science. Only Greece and Rome have these things. This may be because commercial civilization promotes navigation technology, and navigation technology promotes physics and mathematics.


This is also the reason why these ancient civilizations gradually declined.

Scientific attitudes, in-depth research, meticulous summaries, and bold associations can promote the development of science.

Physics and mathematics promote the development of science, while ancient China is more concerned with agriculture and internal affairs. The starting point is wrong. Of course, it will not be correct in the future. As a country that has always been yearning for reunification, it is lacking after the land area is large enough. It is also a mistake to continue to communicate with others.

Therefore, China’s decline and invasion in the past also allowed more people to study science abroad. On the other hand, it promoted China’s development. Otherwise, we may still be cultivating land.

Chinese map

Foreigners often have some misunderstandings about Chinese maps and explain them here.


1. Tibet is an autonomous region of China.
2. Taiwan is a province of China.
3. Arunachal Pradesh is part of the Tibet Autonomous Region of China. China is called “Zang Nan” and is now controlled by India.
4. The Aksai Chin area is the territory of China.
5. A large part of the South China Sea is also China's territorial waters, which was determined around 1945.
6. Hong Kong and Macau are the territory of China.
7. Diaoyu Island is the territory of China.

(The above should be noted that all Chinese people are very concerned. If you communicate with people from mainland China, you will be happy if you say the above.)

There are several cities in Russia and the northeastern part of China and connected places. Chinese maps must be displayed on Chinese maps. China used to have more than one million square kilometers of land occupied by Russia. The map requires us not to forget. Of course, China does not currently think about the occupation.

Historically, China's land has been occupied by the surrounding countries. Hong Kong and Macao have also been forced to lease, so the Chinese are very sensitive to the territory, which is related to the country's self-respect.

Of course, China has changed from a small tribe near the Yellow River and the Yangtze River to a big country. It is the ancestors of the Chinese who won it little by little. All Chinese believe that the bigger the country, the better, even if there are many mountains, deserts, and plateaus. The Chinese also like it. For the Chinese who love to eat, every piece of land has the potential to grow delicious.

China Standard Map

Do Chinese people like dog meat?


Many foreigners rumor that Chinese people like to eat dog meat.

What is the truth?

The Chinese began to be able to eat only about 20 years ago. Before that, there were more people, less food, and more wars.

When you are hungry, not only cats, dogs, pigs, horses, cows, sheep... All that can be eaten will be eaten, and some people even eat soil to feed their hunger.

After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, most people have their own land, and the Chinese are no longer hungry.

So, do Chinese people now like to eat dog meat?

Most people don't eat dog meat.

Because they think that dogs are a member of the family, dogs should not be eaten as pets, loyal, and brave.

Therefore, although there is no law prohibiting the consumption of dog meat in China, there are very few people who eat dog meat. Only in the southwestern part of China and northeastern China, there are a small number of people who occasionally eat dog meat. This is only a long-standing tradition. Now people There are many things you can eat, and you don't want to eat dog meat.

So, if you see people from China in the future, you can ask them what they think about eating dog meat, but don't think that Chinese people love dog meat.

Negro or nigger? The Chinese are talking like this, not yelling at you.

In English, there is a "well" that is usually used to pronounce people when thinking about problems.

In Chinese, the similar word is called "that", the pronunciation is "nage", and it is a bit like negro and nigger.

Many Chinese people will pronounce this way, and like well, it has no other meaning.

However, black people may misunderstand after hearing it, and mistakenly believe that Chinese people are racist.

Note that a Chinese who says "nage" is not swearing, but is saying "well."

Do Chinese people eat people?

Some people even have this misunderstanding of China, hahaha, it’s so funny.

However, it is said that there are quite a lot of such people. Of course, most of them are old people who have never seen the world.

In the history of China, except for the primitive society, about 1800 years ago, 1200 years ago, 400 years ago, there were three rumors of eating people. At that time, there were wars in the whole country. There were a few military troops who had such a situation. They were very barbaric. It was eventually extinct.

Those who come to China for tourism and work can come to know that Chinese people not only do not eat people, but also have thousands of years of cooking history, and there will be delicious food waiting for you to eat.

Chinese Metro Construction (as of October 2018)

  City Mileage Operating Build Stations
1 Shanghai 673.00 17 7 395
2 Beijing 609.00 22 17 370
3 Guangzhou 391.60 13 17 207
4 Nanjing 378.00 10 10 174
5 Wuhan 288.00 10 16 199
6 Shenzhen 286.00 8 14 198
7 HongKong 264.00 11 2 154
8 Chong qing 264.30 6 5 154
9 Tian jin 215.00 6 10 152
10 Cheng du 196.47 6 11 151
11 Taipei 191.50 8   121
12 Da lian 156.12 4 4 69
13 Su zhou 121.00 3 2 97
14 Hang zhou 117.60 3 9 85
15 Qing dao 104.80 3 6 62
16 Chang chun 100.75 6 5 105
17 Zheng zhou 95.41 3 9 55
18 Xi an 91.35 3 9 66
19 Kun ming 88.76 4 5 60
20 Ning bo 74.52 2 4 51
21 Chang sha 68.68 3 4 64
22 Shen yang 59.68 2 3 48
23 Wu xi 56.16 2 2 45
24 Nan ning 53.10 2 4 43
25 He fei 52.34 2 4 47
26 Nan chang 48.47 2 3 41
27 Gao xiong 51.40 3 1 51
28 Tao yuan 51.03 1   21
29 Dong guan
1 3 15
30 Shi jia zhuang 30.30 2 3 26
31 Xia men 30.30 1 4 24
32 Urumqi 27.60 1 4 21
33 Tai zhong 27.00 1 1  
34 Fu zhou 24.89 1 5 21
35 Ha er bin 23.07 2 3 21
36 Gui yang 12.90 1 2 10
①Data as of October 2018
②Mileage unit is km

How to distinguish Chinese, Korean, Japanese?

Chinese is mostly squares and corners.

Most of the time there is a small circle in Korean.

There are twists and turns in Japanese, there are not many squares, and there are not many circles. Some of them are Chinese.

English: Make the world a better place.

Chinese:  让这个世界更美好。

Korean:세상을 더 좋은 곳으로 만드십시오.



What should you pay attention to when tattooing in Chinese?

Because I don’t understand, I feel beautiful,
The Chinese are no different from other people. The Chinese feel that other texts are also cool (except for Korean and Japanese, these two words are good-looking, but not suitable for tattoos)

(She doesn't know what the words mean.)

If you want to tattoo, please be sure to ask a few Chinese people to understand the meaning of the Chinese characters, and also choose the appropriate font, although these fonts are very good-looking, but there are better looks.

勇敢  勇 Brave
爱情 爱  love
高兴 glad
幸福 福 happy

Chinese is like painting, it is very good for making tattoos.

But some Chinese are not suitable for use as tattoo content.

Note that this Chinese character is "chicken" and also means "prostitute woman".

This line of words is a disease sentence in Chinese and does not express anything.

"God be with you," the word right, but the word does not look good.

This means "monkey" in Chinese, and it also means unstable, like a monkey. It looks pretty good.

Healthy and fit, it looks good

The tattoo is very good, the word is very neat, meaning "dream"

Poor child, the word in Chinese means "timid, suffocating, bullying"

Words that have no special meaning are piled together

Chinese pronunciation of English names, this is very interesting


Nothing to mean

Encourage, nationality? Nothing is

Iverson is very suitable for this word

Bonnie Grad, should it be her name?

Life and death are rich in life, very philosophical


It’s like missing three days in a day.
But there is also a hidden meaning that it takes a long time to make love.

Thinking about getting rich, this is very reasonable



a health care product in China

Chicken noodle soup?

In fact, the Chinese character of this tattoo is "soy sauce".

The three words are "fucking your mother, black tiger, robber"

Dumb American



Real China:What did D&G do?

What did D&G do?

1. D&G made a seemingly weird advertisement, which was very clumsy to teach Chinese people to eat Italian food with chopsticks.

2, a Vietnamese girl feels bad, telling the designer (founder) that this content is inappropriate, was smashed by the designer, of course, the designer abuse China.

3. This matter was posted on the Internet, causing heated discussion among the Chinese.

4. Chinese stars refused to participate in D&G's product launch conference. Two famous stars have withdrawn from D&G's endorsement.

5. D&G issued a statement saying that the account was stolen. It is not a designer but a hacker. Probably people around the world won't believe it, so no one will forgive him.

6. Now Chinese people no longer buy D&G products. For many people, these luxury goods are used to show off after they are bought. Now that it loses its value of showing off, naturally there are no buyers.

7. The founder also released an apology video. I wanted to save some things, and naturally I was not forgiven.

8. D&G deleted the English comment on the Internet, leaving only Chinese comments, giving the impression that “Chinese people are unreasonable and implements cyber violence”.

What do Chinese think D&G is doing wrong?

1. The advertisements published by D&G are not suitable, but most Chinese people are not angry. They feel that D&G are arrogant, racially discriminatory, do not understand China, the company is stupid, and the designers are boring.

2. The designer (founder) insults China and is screened and spread. This is the point. Perhaps they are thinking from the bottom of their hearts that they despise the Chinese and make money from China. This is unbearable.

3, do things yourself, let the hackers carry the black pot, this is also the reason for people to despise, dare to do not dare to take responsibility.

4. Starting from here, what is going on in the future is wrong.

Is China important to D&G?

1. China is a big luxury market. Many luxury brands are making money from China. The purchasing power of Chinese people is also increasing. This is a big market. D&G has no market in China.

2. Chinese people who can travel and shop abroad will also purchase luxury goods abroad and are potential customers of D&G, but they are unlikely to like D&G anymore.

3. For the Chinese, there are many brands to choose from, no D&G, and other good alternatives. After a few years, D&G may have only a small share.

After a few years, will D&G start again in China?

1. The Chinese government has not made any statement on D&G. According to the government spokesperson, this matter has not risen to the level of diplomatic events. The government does not directly attack D&G.

2, because the Chinese designer is the founder of the company, can not be directly expelled, so before he retired, D&G did not have a Chinese market.

3. After three or five years, D&G may secretly re-enter China. Chinese people may not remember to have this brand, but its market will certainly be few and will be resisted by customers.

Finally, Chinese, Koreans, and Japanese who use chopsticks can easily eat Western food with chopsticks. And 3000 years ago, our ancestors had given up the not practical knife and fork, which has archaeological evidence.



Everyone can compare a group of advertisements 25 years ago. Chinese people like it very much. It is much better than D&G.
The US version of Vogue in December 1993, model is Linda Evangelista, photographer Arthur Elgort.
The main creation is fashion editor Grace Coddington. She recorded this experience in her autobiography Grace.

real China:Can Chinese people believe in religion?

Foreigners often say: In China, you can't believe in religion, otherwise you will be arrested and locked up.

This is not the case.

There are many Buddhists, Christians, Islamists, and native Taoist believers in China, and many more, who believe in some inexplicable local gods.

There may be 1.5 billion people in China, and the real "atheists" may not exceed 100 million.


However, for two thousand years, the Chinese governors are very vigilant about religion.

Because in China, religion is often used as a tool to subvert the regime. Many people carry out anti-government activities in the name of religion. There are hundreds of historical records, and eventually these rebellious activities have become a tool for a few people to seize power. These anti-government activities have caused tens of millions of deaths, and many times have made China weak.

Therefore, although Chinese religious beliefs are free, missionary activities are restricted. These missionary activities often become the origin of corruption and terrorist activities.

In Chinese schools, religious activities are strictly prohibited. Students can believe in various religions, but they cannot collectively act. This is to prevent people from influencing students in the name of religion.

So, can Chinese people believe in religion? Will it be caught?

Chinese people can believe in religion. It is okay to study religious books on their own or to conduct activities at registered mission sites, but they cannot teach everywhere.

Because the Chinese are born with a view: Jesus and God can do it, why can't I do it?

Is Chinese tea a cheap product?

In Europe, the price of Chinese tea is not expensive.


So some people mistakenly think that Chinese tea is not good.


Is there any good tea in China?


Of course.


But good tea is usually in China, with good quality and high price. Some tea can approach the price of gold.


Chinese in Europe may also have good tea.


But the tea that China sells to Europe is all ordinary tea, and good tea is rare.


On the one hand, good tea produces very little and exports less.


On the other hand, the Chinese believe that foreigners who add milk and sugar to tea at will will will not really taste, and good tea will be wasted.

Why do Chinese people like Kobe Bryant?

Kobe Bryant has a surprising popularity in China, surpassing Michael Jordan, O'Neill, and even more than Yao Ming.


1, because he is a successful player, has a lot of personal honor and team honor.

After Michael Jordan, many people in China think Kobe Bryant is very good.

2, because for the Chinese born after 1980, the personal hero who experienced the rough and rebellious personality is particularly popular.

Young people’s things are like this

3, paranoia, victorious, hardworking

"The sun at four o'clock in the morning of Los Angeles" has also been circulated in China. The Chinese people like to be diligent, and the diligent people are still very successful.

4, personal image (appearance)

Kobe is very handsome, in line with the Chinese aesthetics, and looks a little similar to a famous Chinese drama star. People have a sense of intimacy (haha).



Famous Chinese movie lines: Do you need a reason to love someone?

PengCi ,a new word


What‘s PengCi?

Literally, it means 'touch porcelain'.

 It comes from the antique industry jargon.

Some bad business men will place some porcelain products toward the middle of the passage way on purpose so that when customers pass, they may break them easily. The sellers will then claim for compensation.

but basically, it's a Beijing dialect. It refers to malicious and illegal behaviors intended for blackmail purpose. For example, one may deliberately crash a car and demands compensation.

PengCi is a vomiting thing, not too much in China, but it is often reported (we often sigh, why are people so unethical)

Now, using the car accident to get compensation is a common method used by PengCier.


They may be the best actors in the world.


Of course, sometimes the performance will fail.





In China, every vehicle has a driving recorder, which is the reason.

It is said that in other countries, the installation of driving recorders also needs to consider privacy and other situations, and there is no need to consider it in China, which reduces a lot of trouble.


So this does not know whether it is a good thing or a bad thing.

I don't know if there are PengCi in other countries.


If the following website is available, please take a look at the video.



Real China: Why do Chinese attach so much importance to China's territory?

Since 1840, China's territory has been losing. From 1840 to 1945, China is very weak, unable to protect its own country and territory, so the Chinese attach great importance to the territory.

Mongolia, Tibet, xinjiang, Taiwan, Hong Kong and macau were all places long ruled by China and separated when China was small and weak.

There are 1.5 million square kilometers of land in northern China divided by Russia.

The Chinese pay great attention to the integrity of their territory, thinking every minute of the lost land back. If you want the Chinese to see you as a friend, just tell them: Tibet belongs to China, xinjiang belongs to China, Taiwan belongs to China, Hong Kong belongs to China.

All those who have different opinions will be regarded as "separatists" or "people who do not care about the territory" and hated by the Chinese.


So sometimes you think you support freedom, but in the eyes of the Chinese, you support separatists.



Real China:Why do Chinese people value their territory

Since 1840, China's territory has been losing. From 1840 to 1945, China is very weak, unable to protect its own country and territory, so the Chinese attach great importance to the territory.


Mongolia, Tibet, xinjiang, Taiwan, Hong Kong and macau were all places long ruled by China and separated when China was small and weak.


There are 1.5 million square kilometers of land in northern China divided by Russia.


The Chinese pay great attention to the integrity of their territory, thinking every minute of the lost land back. If you want the Chinese to see you as a friend, just tell them: Tibet belongs to China, xinjiang belongs to China, Taiwan belongs to China, Hong Kong belongs to China.


All those who have different opinions will be regarded as "separatists" or "people who do not care about the territory" and hated by the Chinese.




So sometimes you think you support freedom, but in the eyes of the Chinese, you support separatists.




Real China:People around the world pay attention to the new coronavirus

Since January 29, 2020, China has infected more than 60,000 people, with an average treatment cost of 50,000 US dollars per patient, reducing the virus mortality rate to 0.2%. China lost hundreds of billions of dollars, stopped most factories and avoided the spread of the virus.

This result caused Japan and South Korea to misunderstand that they thought the virus was the same as the flu.

In addition, according to research by Chinese scientists, the birthplace of the new coronavirus is not necessarily Wuhan, China, and there are other versions in other countries.

Therefore, please do not go out, do not go to crowded places, wear a mask when going out.

Real China:In fact, our country should ban smoking nationwide, because it is also harmful, primary school students are smoking

On a website, some people suggested that smoking bans throughout China because cigarettes are too harmful to the body.

But some people have different opinions.

国家也懂对身体不好。 但是税收的多啊

The country also knows that smoking is bad for your health. But the tax is much



This is also a paradox. Smoking causes various physical complications and increases national medical expenditures.


I feel that premature death due to smoking saves more health insurance for the country

而且不抽烟是我难得的一个优点 大家都不抽了我就少一个优点了

And not smoking is one of my rare advantages. If you do n’t smoke, I have one less advantage.


You don't know how much tax a day for tobacco. Yes, it's a day


I know it ’s not good, too much to make.  

(From a sentence: I also know that this is not good, but her chest is too big.)







Real China:South Korea confirmed 2337 people with new crown pneumonia infection



It feels that they are more likely to be worse than Hubei. There is not so much medical care to support it.


Why do capitalist private hospitals support you?


There must be more than 10,000 , too late to detect


We have support in all directions to rescue Wuhan, South Korea ... the place is very, very small, their medical equipment and environment are actually very ordinary. What cities and districts do you have in South Korea?


The overall suspension and suspension of classes is too difficult. South Korea has serious internal strife. The opposition and church forces have a large influence and do not listen to the central government.


我好像看了个报道 今天韩国各地以及私人医院总共180人已经前往大邱了……

I seem to have read a report. Today, 180 people from all over Korea and private hospitals have gone to Daegu ...


It is useless to go to doctors and nurses, and hospitals and beds are needed.


South Korea is doing very well now, and the inspection speed is super fast. Basically, most of the suspicions have been ruled out. The diagnoses of 2 million and 1,500 are significantly different from those of 9 million and 60,000.


However, South Korea is better than Japan. At least people have testing and treatment, and Japan has not seen it.


South Korea's medical resources for outbreaks may not be as good as those in Jiangsu or Zhejiang. It may be difficult for so many people to be diagnosed at once. . .


That Korean movie came true


Reagents can support anything
We can stabilize the masks, food, and even related equipment.
I am afraid that the country will not be able to withstand the pressure and will also send medical personnel to assist
I must not agree with this
It is impossible to borrow Jesus when he comes.




In addition, there are many capitalist countries in Japan and South Korea. The main medical resources are concentrated in private hospitals. This is the fundamental problem.
Where can I accommodate thousands of patients with mild illness? Who bears the costs, facilities, medical staff, etc.
Private hospitals treat infected patients but lose other patients (customers)

So this has led to the Japanese god now encouraging mild patients to heal themselves at home.

Real China:Sequelae of COVID-19

The Sequelae of COVID-19 include lung whitening, loss of some functions, and influence on reproductive system.

It is said that after being infected, a person's reproductive system will be damaged.

Because after infected with the virus, most people may not have any effect, but suddenly one day the virus will cause the immune system to collapse and make people die. So we should pay attention.


What a mask does: keep airborne saliva from getting sucked into your windpipe. So wear a mask to oneself and others are useful, if there is no good mask, ordinary mask can also be, without protection, do not go to the place where many people, the infectious capacity of the virus is very strong.


Source of virus:

The source of the virus is uncertain. Some people thought it was caused by eating strange animals in southern China. Later, some people thought it was related to the influenza in 2019 in the United States. Some people thought it was biological weapons. Now these claims are uncertain, but there is no doubt that the virus is more severe than the non-standard virus and H1N1.

Real China: Have to face the reality, Japan has successfully controlled the epidemic


Japan has now released virus testing, and the number of confirmed diagnoses has not risen sharply. There are various signs that Japan has successfully controlled the epidemic.



If Japan succeeds in controlling it, it will prove that wearing a mask is the most effective anti-epidemic measure, paying tribute to those who do not repent in the West.


Okay Japanese brothers, you are under control, great

多少钱发一帖啊 带带我

How much is a post
Take me


I thought the virus only affected the lungs, but I did n’t expect to affect the brain.


Anything you have to face, it ’s a good thing that the country can control it


I also hope that Japan will not explode, which is definitely not a good thing. This kind of thing is as much a disaster as war.


Japanese measures cannot be duplicated. The Japanese have seen too many disasters, too calm, wear masks, house culture, do not panic, developed medical conditions, residents do well, consciously isolate, do not get together to trouble hospitals, and the government saves the serious , While delaying loans and grants to low-income SMEs, I think they are the only country that can implement herd immunity


Less than 200 people were tested in two days, more than 100 cases were confirmed, and they were still under control (?)



Real China:Update: China will send 300+ medical staff to Italy

报道称,伦巴第大区卫生专员Giulio Gallera在视频新闻发布会讲话中宣布,中国将再派遣7名医生3名行政人员和护士来,这批医生将于18日下午16:40到达。这是中国即将到来的约300名医护人员的一部分。

According to reports, Giulio Gallera, the health commissioner of Lombardy Region, announced in a video press conference that China will send another 7 doctors, 3 administrative staff and nurses. The doctors will arrive at 16:40 on the 18th. This is part of China's upcoming approximately 300 medical staff.
I hope Italy is getting better soon
China really has a hard time. I do n’t know if Italy will be ungrateful.
It is unclear what Italy said, the media in other countries will feel that we are "atonement", wait.




Let's be honest, in your eyes, "other countries" are actually Anglo-Saxon cultural circle countries headed by the United States, the United States, Britain, and Australia, and the Laos who have fully accepted their culture and values.

The public opinion of these countries stands at the core of world public opinion and resists us. They work hardest, spread the widest range, and have the greatest influence. This is a reality that cannot be changed for the time being.

However, the world is definitely not their only voice. There are still many places where we don't pay attention, so we can't hear it. We cannot give up the courage to fight these positions with the enemy because the enemy is the happiest. The harder it is, the harder it is to face it. The more you blame, the more we have to show you.

At this time you are discouraged, you do not go against it, the enemy not only accuses you more in the future, but also speaks with pride, look, I'm right.



Italy is the second country to establish diplomatic relations with China. It donated the first emergency center in Sichuan. Wenchuan donated negative pressure tents, field hospitals, and 1.5 million euros. Italy is good.

Real China:US has reported 1254 confirmed #coronavirus cases today #COVID19 total (5917)


New York is completely outbreak. . . It is estimated to start all the way. California and Washington were thrown away. .





I said it in January,

New York is the largest city in the U.S.

Did you tell me that there was no case? ?



Look at New York. . . Look at Tokyo again. . . Japan can really hide the truth



Dirty and messy, densely populated, the right temperature, the virus loves it



Only God can bless America now



Trump virus will sweep across the United States


real China:Chinese impression of Germany

Chinese people like Germany.

On the one hand, China’s current spiritual teacher, Marx, is from Germany (although he is Jewish).
On the other hand, the quality of the products made in Germany is very good, which makes the Chinese very admire.
There is also one, the First World War and the Second World War, both of which challenged many countries in Germany, and the Chinese liked the strong, so they felt that Germany was very powerful.

German philosophers and scientists are fascinating, and the rigor of the Germans is also very admirable.

Before 2010, Chinese people like Germany, machinery manufacturing to learn Germany, vocational education to learn Germany...

Later, the Chinese learned more about Germany and found that it did not seem to be the case.

1. The selfishness of the German government
I want to use the EU to unite Europe, but I don’t want to take responsibility. I just want other countries in the EU to be the affiliates of the big countries and let the economic crisis in Greece and other places.

2. The incompetence of the German government
The problems caused by immigration are actually problems of the German government.
Politicians want to vote in this way, but they are completely irresponsible for the screening and management of immigrants. Immigrants can increase the German labor force, but more unstable people are added.
The Islamic Religious Affairs Alliance manages all mosques, but it is sent by Turkey (it is said to be the case), which is equivalent to the Turkish civil servants managing religious beliefs in Germany. Is this the strangest thing in the world?

3, the Germans' own helplessness
Germany has problems in history, so later, the Germans seemed to be very contradictory. On the one hand, they were traditional bold adventures, on the other hand, they were suppressed by modern civilization.
Therefore, the Germans do things that are not politically minded while doing rigorous things. Treating problems is also a double standard. They look at others very strictly and look at themselves very tolerantly. In this respect, there are many Chinese people who have a bad impression of Germany.

Even so, the Chinese have a good impression of Germany. ?After all, the Germans have created many miracles since 1800. They have shown excellent quality. However, many people think that if Germans can look at things more objectively, they may be even more it is good.

Why is covid-19 in the United States, the United Kingdom and the European Union so difficult to control? 1. People like freedom

At the beginning of 2020, China announced a blockade of Wuhan and all personnel could not get in and out of Wuhan. At that time, many people fled and drove to other places to escape from Wuhan.


But the order of blockade in Wuhan was carried out, and after more than two months, everything was better.


At that time, people thought that the United States, Britain, France, India and other countries would do the same and solve the problem.


Not yet.


Forbidding people to go out, these countries can't do well, and people don't like it.




Because they lived a long time of peace and freedom. They didn't know much about the crisis. They thought there would be a hero who would save people like in the movie.





The blockade of the city, not like this.


It needs the coordination of medical care, food, public security and other aspects, and people need to implement it seriously, instead of marching on the streets.


It's a pity that the US government can't do this well, and the American people can't manage themselves well.


After 70 years of peaceful life, people have no idea what danger they are facing.


And the Chinese, 40 years ago, there may be people hungry, people know that they have to control themselves, to get through the difficulties.


I think, if there is no accident, the COVID-19  in the United States, Britain, France and other countries will continue to spread, perhaps there will not be a day to stop.

The greatest man in Chinese history

Zhihu is known as China's quora. When people discuss "who is the greatest person in Chinese history", most people think it is "Mao Zedong"

As far as China is concerned, who is the greatest person in modern times?    16363 answers   

Who do you think is the greatest Chinese since ancient times?  5525 answers

Who do you think is the greatest Chinese since ancient times?  681 answers


Some people once thought that he was out of date. However, his thoughts still guide the Chinese people, whether it is personal struggle, or managing China, or facing the world.


There are many "Judas" in China

There has always been "Judas" in China, and the Chinese call them "traitors". All in all, they are the same.

On the surface, the Chinese people are very united, but in fact, they are not. Maybe in the face of the genocide crisis, the Chinese people will unite, but many times, the Chinese people are not so united.

Today's China, without the Communist Party of China, may be better than India, but it certainly does not have great development potential. At most, it is similar to South Korea and Japan.

After COVID-19, people knew that they were not so great, and the great Chinese Communist Party. The Chinese Communist Party has always been leading the Chinese people and making China a great China again.

During Trump's presidency, he cut off the funding of "Judas" in China, so they no longer boast about the most powerful United States on the Internet and in the news, and they no longer blame China for its shortcomings.

After Biden took office, Judas had sufficient funds, so there were a lot of slanders against China on the Internet, which affected many Chinese people.

As the Chinese National Anthem says, "China is at its most dangerous time." China has realized that "Judas" also has great destructive power. Now it is conducting an inventory. Maybe some people's views will be more objective in the future.

Through "Baidu translation".

lying flat

Now the young people in China have completely realized the reality.

They no longer want to work hard, but they don't have high wages, can't afford a house, can't get married.

A few decades ago, young people in China worked hard. At that time, the state would allocate housing, or four or five years' wages could buy a house.

Now it may take 30 years or more to make enough money to buy a house.

If they can't buy a house before 2008 and 2016, it may be difficult for them to afford the house they want in their whole life.

In China, the house represents medical care, pension, children's education and so on.

And now Chinese women always want to see themselves as a privileged group.

So today's young people don't want to work hard, don't want to get married, don't want to raise children, don't want to follow the path arranged by others.

They chose to lie flat.

Just like the otaku in Japan, he is no longer interested in anything.

They also work, but no longer use their lives to make money. They also fall in love, but they hardly talk about marriage, or after marriage, they don't want to have children.

People are worried, but there is no way.

China's future also faces many challenges.

The remaining building of the collapsed apartment in the United States was blasted: the building fell to the ground instantly



my god~~~ Just put a monument on the spot



The buried person: Thanks to my friend for filling in the soil, I am not cold at all over there



what? The corpses of so many victims in it have not been dug up, so they are buried again?



The last time I saw a house collapsed and didn't dig a corpse, it was the earthquake in Nepal. After all, Nepal is a poor and backward country. Isn't the United States the No.1 in everything?


No body found, it's 0 dead! The American approach is great.




People under the ruins: "in fact, I can still rescue..."

It is said that a survivor under the ruins called for help for 11 hours, but the rescue team did nothing except chatting with the survivors for 11 hours across the ruins until the survivors were silent



If the chance of finding out the survivors is zero, it's no blame for other people's conspiracy theory. They don't care to save people at all


It fully shows us what is the real American rescue



As long as I don't get it out, no one will die



It can be seen that the functions of infrastructure and public housing facilities in the United States are already quite fragile!

But judging from the epidemic situation in the United States, it is true