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China's infrastructure


China has undergone great changes in the last 20-30 years.

More high-speed railways were built, more bridges and culverts were built, more buildings were built, more highways were built, and China's infrastructure was still abroad.

This is because China has greatly improved the production of construction raw materials in the past few decades, and there have also been many migrant workers who have turned from agriculture to industry. These migrant workers have undergone more education and still have to work hard. tradition of.

The large population is a great advantage, and the governance of one party has also improved the efficiency of work. Therefore, many large-scale projects have been built one after another.

But now, that is, in 2018, China's population advantage has been significantly weakened, wages are rising, product costs are rising, and people are reluctant to engage in particularly hard and dangerous work.

In the United Kingdom, France, the United States and other places, this has happened 50 years ago, and now it is China's turn.

As incomes increase, people no longer want to grieve themselves.

So now that China's infrastructure is still accelerating, it is foreseeable that China's infrastructure will gradually become slower in the next decade.