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Chinese views of Indians

The Chinese think that Indians are very strange and different from people in most parts of the world.

The Chinese believe that India is divided into two categories, one is an ancient Indian. They are darker in color, smaller in size, and have a very strong civilization, but they are low castes and are ruled by another type. The other is The invaders, white skin, belong to the Aryans. They, as barbarians, occupied India and became high castes.

The civilization of India has also been interrupted. Buddhism, which has great influence on China, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea, Cambodia and other countries, has also become tiny in India. Other old religions are gone.

The first is the class inequality in India, which is still very serious today, but the Indians did not resist, and the Chinese had proposed more than two thousand years ago that "the king and the nobility were not born."

There is also the "rape" of the Indians, which is well known throughout the world, and although there are "rape" in many parts of the world, it is not as much as India, and women cannot walk around the street. Even Indians think that women wear less and are seduce them.

Similarly, Indians do not feel shame. They are small and evasive. They are considered to be justified. They will use other people's things in an unrestrained manner without any embarrassment. In terms of credit, this place in India is very bad. Yes, they will take things away and not consider themselves thieves.

Of course, the confidence of the Indians is very exaggerated, and the mouth is bragging, plus no shame, there is no feeling of guilty. Of course, some bosses like such employees, so some Chinese think that a company only has the first An Indian, there will be a second, a third or even more, and then the work of others will be described as their own, then those who work hard will be forced to leave, and finally the entire company is Indian. Then I will get rid of it.

Of course, many people in India who work abroad are not like this. They come from low castes, improve themselves through hard work, then leave their country and work in other countries, they seem normal. Among them, a large part of Indian women is also very good.

What makes the Chinese most interested is the motorcycle show after the Indian military parade. It is said that the whole world likes to look at it with a smile.




In the eyes of the Chinese, is there no advantage for Indians?


Some people think that although there are not many smart people in India, there are a few Indians whose IQ is very high. They are also very good students in the United States and other places. Their work is also good. Of course, the shortcomings of personality have already been said. .

There are also ancient civilizations and history in India. Although there are interruptions, there are many that are worth learning.

Others believe that India's strength lies in the fact that since independence, the area has expanded a lot, occupying Sikkim and southern Tibet and other areas, and some parts of China are under the control of India, which is still very powerful.

Any other advantages?

Waiting to continue to discover.