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PengCi ,a new word


What‘s PengCi?

Literally, it means 'touch porcelain'.

 It comes from the antique industry jargon.

Some bad business men will place some porcelain products toward the middle of the passage way on purpose so that when customers pass, they may break them easily. The sellers will then claim for compensation.

but basically, it's a Beijing dialect. It refers to malicious and illegal behaviors intended for blackmail purpose. For example, one may deliberately crash a car and demands compensation.

PengCi is a vomiting thing, not too much in China, but it is often reported (we often sigh, why are people so unethical)

Now, using the car accident to get compensation is a common method used by PengCier.


They may be the best actors in the world.


Of course, sometimes the performance will fail.





In China, every vehicle has a driving recorder, which is the reason.

It is said that in other countries, the installation of driving recorders also needs to consider privacy and other situations, and there is no need to consider it in China, which reduces a lot of trouble.


So this does not know whether it is a good thing or a bad thing.

I don't know if there are PengCi in other countries.


If the following website is available, please take a look at the video.