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Is Trump likely to be re-elected?





The traders in Yiwu, China have decided that in 2020, Comrade Chuan Jianguo(Another name for Trump, jianguo is a common name in China in the 1970s.) will continue to be re-elected as the leader of the country.

At present, the textile factory in Yiwu has begun to receive orders from the United States to start producing the shirts and shirts worn by Trump in the 2020 campaign. And its total order volume has been several times the demand of the Democratic Party.










For each current president, re-election is quite easy. In general, the current president has advantages over ordinary competitors:
1. Extensive visibility.
2. Achievements.
Trump has no problem in terms of political achievements, and he has a new advantage over the 16-year general election: the extinction of the nevertrump in the Republican Party marks the unity of the GOP, and at least the party will not drag people down. In addition, if the Democratic Party’s midterm elections fail to achieve important victories, the internal extreme left and moderates will be torn apart.



It is felt that the President of the United States has only kept his life for nearly a hundred years, and his political achievements are not a big problem. He has the willingness to re-elect is a high probability event.




I don't understand American politics, but even Obama can be re-elected. Needless to say?



If the primary election can pass, the election wins a lot, and it is too late for Hispanics to work hard to have children.



Even Bush can be re-elected, and Trump can be re-elected in all likelihood.


很大 也好很希望他连任

资本主义是在共产主义的逼迫之下才学会福利制度 共产主义在资本主义的反攻之下才放弃了世卿世禄

底层屁屁想过的更好 必须有外部压力

Possibility, I hope that he will be re-elected.

Capitalism learned the welfare system under the persecution of communism. Communism gave up the power of generations under the counterattack of capitalism.

The bottom civilians have thought better, there must be external pressure



As long as he does not die, he can be re-elected as president.



Basically, as long as there is no big mistake, there is no non-renewable, because no one is willing to put the mess that the president has not finished in the middle of the next.