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Real China:Sequelae of COVID-19

The Sequelae of COVID-19 include lung whitening, loss of some functions, and influence on reproductive system.

It is said that after being infected, a person's reproductive system will be damaged.

Because after infected with the virus, most people may not have any effect, but suddenly one day the virus will cause the immune system to collapse and make people die. So we should pay attention.


What a mask does: keep airborne saliva from getting sucked into your windpipe. So wear a mask to oneself and others are useful, if there is no good mask, ordinary mask can also be, without protection, do not go to the place where many people, the infectious capacity of the virus is very strong.


Source of virus:

The source of the virus is uncertain. Some people thought it was caused by eating strange animals in southern China. Later, some people thought it was related to the influenza in 2019 in the United States. Some people thought it was biological weapons. Now these claims are uncertain, but there is no doubt that the virus is more severe than the non-standard virus and H1N1.