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Chinese eyes

The vast majority of Chinese are double eyelids...this is not the same as the outside world.

In addition, the Chinese eyelids are thicker and look smaller.

The scientists concluded that the Chinese people need to face the cold wind most of the time in the process of migration to East Asia, and the thick eyelids will survive.

It looks really thrilling, and the Inuit are also thick eyelids.

This is the result of natural selection. When the world is once again surrounded by glaciers, perhaps the Chinese will have more people to survive, haha.

It is widely believed that the eyes of Chinese beautiful women are narrow and long. In fact, the Chinese do not think so. The beauty of China is not so long. The eyes are brighter and bigger, yes, the eyes are bigger, can Show your heart.

Chinese people think that people's eyes are big or small, they must be matched with facial organs, and they can't use a type very rigidly. Many Americans and Europeans have such illusions.