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Chinese football 1


The Chinese men's soccer team entered the World Cup in 2002. Many people were very excited, but they did not expect this to be the highest light of Chinese football. Before that, after that, Chinese football was very weak, and now it is a bad recession. .

The youth training of Chinese football is very unimportant, the players are not self-disciplined, and they are not motivated. They didn't know what to do before 2000. After 2000, they didn't need to be very good and they could get high wages and no motivation to improve.

China’s new national leaders like football and attach importance to football, but Chinese football still has not grown.

In the match between China and India held yesterday, people saw a farce that was not good enough. They proved that among the 3 billion people, it is difficult to find 22 people who played well.

why is it like this?

The reason is very simple. The Chinese are too many and too tired.

Because there are many people and fierce competition, only a few people who love football can become professional players. Others will have to continue to work for survival. Because there are many people and fierce competition, people have already consumed a lot of work. Energy, there is not much time to play in the spare time.

Parents of children must let them study hard instead of playing football, because only by studying hard and getting into college can they find a good job, otherwise they will face competition from highly educated talents in their jobs. Such losses are too Big.

When will Chinese football have a better performance?

I think there are only two possibilities. One is a god-like player. Just like Bailey or Maradona, Messi and three Ronaldo are not good. One is that the overall strength is improved, and everyone is very good. That may have a chance.

But the status quo is: they will not work.

I have a friend who buys a lottery ticket every time he meets the Chinese football team and specifies that China loses. As a result, he makes a lot of money.

Chinese football...oh, forget it.