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Hot water

Chinese people like to drink hot water. They think it is cooked water (corresponding to raw water), just like meat should be cooked, vegetables should be cooked, and water should be cooked.

Not everyone drinks hot water. Early rural people or poor people do not have this habit, but in most families, as long as the family conditions are better, they will drink hot water.

First of all, because there is no germ in the hot water, the Chinese have escaped many outbreaks of intestinal infectious diseases with this habit, while Europe at that time relied on alcohol.

Second, hot water can provide heat. For people who are not very good, hot water can help them maintain their body temperature. For people with fever, drinking hot water can promote heat dissipation.

Third, hot water can make people feel emotionally stable. If it is hot tea or hot water with sugar, the effect will be better.

Moreover, for women, drinking hot water during the physiological period can also relieve dysmenorrhea. For thirsty people, drinking hot water is more thirsty.

Therefore, the Chinese are still very passionate about hot water. Similarly, drinking hot water is also a Chinese tradition.

Drinking a cup of hot water and relaxing after work every day or after work is a very low cost of happiness.