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real China:Textbooks teach you rebellion

In China, in secondary school began to tell you the following knowledge:

- The essence of the state is a tool of tools, is violent, is part of the people used to rule the other part of the people.

- Where there is oppression, where there is resistance.

- Everything has the right and wrong parts.

- The world is changing and can not look at the world in a static way.

- Many parts of the conflict can be divided into primary and secondary relationships, to seize the main line. The major and the minor will change with each other.

- The law represents the ruling class.

- Practice is the sole criterion for testing truth.


When looking at the political system, Westerners think: a system in this country success, moved to another country can be successful, but the Arab Spring was digging everywhere.


The Chinese tend to absorb the useful parts according to the actual situation. The attitude towards democracy and despotism can only be determined through practice.

A system that can succeed in one country may fail in another. Successful institutions can fail in the future as they change.