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Real China:Update: China will send 300+ medical staff to Italy

报道称,伦巴第大区卫生专员Giulio Gallera在视频新闻发布会讲话中宣布,中国将再派遣7名医生3名行政人员和护士来,这批医生将于18日下午16:40到达。这是中国即将到来的约300名医护人员的一部分。

According to reports, Giulio Gallera, the health commissioner of Lombardy Region, announced in a video press conference that China will send another 7 doctors, 3 administrative staff and nurses. The doctors will arrive at 16:40 on the 18th. This is part of China's upcoming approximately 300 medical staff.
I hope Italy is getting better soon
China really has a hard time. I do n’t know if Italy will be ungrateful.
It is unclear what Italy said, the media in other countries will feel that we are "atonement", wait.




Let's be honest, in your eyes, "other countries" are actually Anglo-Saxon cultural circle countries headed by the United States, the United States, Britain, and Australia, and the Laos who have fully accepted their culture and values.

The public opinion of these countries stands at the core of world public opinion and resists us. They work hardest, spread the widest range, and have the greatest influence. This is a reality that cannot be changed for the time being.

However, the world is definitely not their only voice. There are still many places where we don't pay attention, so we can't hear it. We cannot give up the courage to fight these positions with the enemy because the enemy is the happiest. The harder it is, the harder it is to face it. The more you blame, the more we have to show you.

At this time you are discouraged, you do not go against it, the enemy not only accuses you more in the future, but also speaks with pride, look, I'm right.



Italy is the second country to establish diplomatic relations with China. It donated the first emergency center in Sichuan. Wenchuan donated negative pressure tents, field hospitals, and 1.5 million euros. Italy is good.