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real China: rich Chinese

There are many Chinese people traveling abroad, but also buy a lot of things, every year in May and October, some countries around China will usher in a grand shopping party.


In fact, China's rich people are not so much more people flies or very common. Of course, compared to the previous is more affluent, but compared to the United States, Japan, Western European countries, a lot worse.


But China has 1.4 billion people, even if only one percent of the rich, that there are 14 million so much.


Now, the gap between rich and poor in China is widening, the situation is not optimistic, the distance between classes is also larger, people want to study and work to change their own class, has been much more difficult than before.


Of course, the Chinese people have a very prominent advantage, is very, very strong realism thinking.



Is China a developed country?

Not only did the Chinese ask this question, but foreigners also asked.

But in China, the general view is that although China has made great progress, China is not a developed country, and it is still a lot worse.

China's economy has been greatly improved in the past 20 years, and people have money. But this is because it is because there are many people. It seems to be rich. If it is distributed to everyone on average, the Chinese are poorer.

From the perspective of per capita food production, China's ranking is very low.

In terms of per capita wealth, China ranks very low.

In terms of per capita education, China ranks very low.

Therefore, even if the outside world feels that China is already very rich and powerful, in fact, China is still far away.