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Real China:South Korea confirmed 2337 people with new crown pneumonia infection



It feels that they are more likely to be worse than Hubei. There is not so much medical care to support it.


Why do capitalist private hospitals support you?


There must be more than 10,000 , too late to detect


We have support in all directions to rescue Wuhan, South Korea ... the place is very, very small, their medical equipment and environment are actually very ordinary. What cities and districts do you have in South Korea?


The overall suspension and suspension of classes is too difficult. South Korea has serious internal strife. The opposition and church forces have a large influence and do not listen to the central government.


我好像看了个报道 今天韩国各地以及私人医院总共180人已经前往大邱了……

I seem to have read a report. Today, 180 people from all over Korea and private hospitals have gone to Daegu ...


It is useless to go to doctors and nurses, and hospitals and beds are needed.


South Korea is doing very well now, and the inspection speed is super fast. Basically, most of the suspicions have been ruled out. The diagnoses of 2 million and 1,500 are significantly different from those of 9 million and 60,000.


However, South Korea is better than Japan. At least people have testing and treatment, and Japan has not seen it.


South Korea's medical resources for outbreaks may not be as good as those in Jiangsu or Zhejiang. It may be difficult for so many people to be diagnosed at once. . .


That Korean movie came true


Reagents can support anything
We can stabilize the masks, food, and even related equipment.
I am afraid that the country will not be able to withstand the pressure and will also send medical personnel to assist
I must not agree with this
It is impossible to borrow Jesus when he comes.




In addition, there are many capitalist countries in Japan and South Korea. The main medical resources are concentrated in private hospitals. This is the fundamental problem.
Where can I accommodate thousands of patients with mild illness? Who bears the costs, facilities, medical staff, etc.
Private hospitals treat infected patients but lose other patients (customers)

So this has led to the Japanese god now encouraging mild patients to heal themselves at home.