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How difficult is it for China to be rich?

Chinese northernmost and Denmark Copenhagen, the southernmost tip of Sultan, and Panama, look Chinese many large Chinese, but there is a large area of desert, wasteland, grassland, mountain, is not suitable for people to live.

Although China is already the world's second largest economy, the average number of people in the 1 billion 400 million countries is too small.

The Chinese are envious of American arable land. Although the size of the two countries is similar, the cultivated land in the United States is several times that of China, and only the eastern part of China is more suitable for farming.

Chinese people often say that the complexity of China and the complexity of the whole earth is the same, some people are rich, some people are very poor, the country is very rich, but the majority of the people are poor.

In the current situation in China, it is not easy to maintain a relatively stable environment. It is also difficult to improve some of the economy. Nevertheless, China has made good achievements.

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