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If there is no input from Western civilization, can we give birth to real science at home?

Some forums in China have raised some questions. If there is no Western civilization, such as Western civilization in the United Kingdom, Italy, France and other regions affecting China, then can China have scientific ideas and technologies?

The answer for many Chinese people is: No.

Although China has studied calculus, astronomy, geography, and medicine very early, and made progress in planting, papermaking, compass, gunpowder, etc., it is only the accumulation of experience, or the accumulation of technology, and there is no science.

Some even said that even if China develops independently for two thousand years, it will only replace the dynasty and the king at most, and there will be no science.

This is a very objective statement.

Because ancient China lacks the habit of exploration and adventure, they are agricultural civilizations, do not advocate adventures, and take risks and break through the original restrictions in order to allow scientific exploration.

The new things that the Chinese discover, they will summarize, but usually do not study more deeply, such as the compass, they used to sail, but they can not consider the magnetic lines. Gunpowder, they can be used as firecrackers or guns, but most of the time they will not improve, or study things like TNT.

Egypt, Babylon, and India, which are also ancient civilizations, have not produced the spirit of science. Only Greece and Rome have these things. This may be because commercial civilization promotes navigation technology, and navigation technology promotes physics and mathematics.


This is also the reason why these ancient civilizations gradually declined.

Scientific attitudes, in-depth research, meticulous summaries, and bold associations can promote the development of science.

Physics and mathematics promote the development of science, while ancient China is more concerned with agriculture and internal affairs. The starting point is wrong. Of course, it will not be correct in the future. As a country that has always been yearning for reunification, it is lacking after the land area is large enough. It is also a mistake to continue to communicate with others.

Therefore, China’s decline and invasion in the past also allowed more people to study science abroad. On the other hand, it promoted China’s development. Otherwise, we may still be cultivating land.