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Chinese views of Koreans

Most Chinese do not like Koreans. If they like, then they like those beautiful stars, and most of the beautiful stars are beautiful through plastic surgery.

Yes, looking at people in terms of appearance, very superficial and direct.

Because the native Koreans are really not good-looking.

Fortunately, they have a high level of plastic surgery, so they can look good through plastic surgery, but sometimes they look like one.

South Korea’s economy and technology are very developed, and the Chinese are recognized in this regard.

But in other respects, Koreans are not flattering.

The first is Korean food. Their food is not so good as kimchi or kimchi. It seems that there is nothing delicious, and there is barbecue. It is actually no better than Chinese kimchi and barbecue.

There is also the arrogance of Koreans, as if they created the world, so some Chinese like to call them "the country of the universe", but I can imagine that this is not a compliment.

This kind of arrogance may be the result of being bullied by China, Japan, and the United States for thousands of years. Just like the symptoms of a bullied child growing up, it shows that he has not been bullied in various ways.

Therefore, in the 2002 World Cup, the things that I did for Italy and Spain seemed to be understandable. There was also the 1988 Seoul Olympics, the boxing match, and there was nothing to say. This shameless attempt to win over the world shocked the world. ,again and again.

The feelings of the Chinese and the Japanese are average, but when it comes to Koreans, the Chinese and the Japanese become good friends...

The Koreans also have a strange problem. They have done something wrong abroad. They always say "I am Chinese." "Get out of the way, I am Chinese." "Sorry, I am Chinese."

No wonder some people say that Indians are not polite because they don't know how to be polite. Koreans do bad things because they like to do bad things.


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