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What should you pay attention to when tattooing in Chinese?

Because I don’t understand, I feel beautiful,
The Chinese are no different from other people. The Chinese feel that other texts are also cool (except for Korean and Japanese, these two words are good-looking, but not suitable for tattoos)

(She doesn't know what the words mean.)

If you want to tattoo, please be sure to ask a few Chinese people to understand the meaning of the Chinese characters, and also choose the appropriate font, although these fonts are very good-looking, but there are better looks.

勇敢  勇 Brave
爱情 爱  love
高兴 glad
幸福 福 happy

Chinese is like painting, it is very good for making tattoos.

But some Chinese are not suitable for use as tattoo content.

Note that this Chinese character is "chicken" and also means "prostitute woman".

This line of words is a disease sentence in Chinese and does not express anything.

"God be with you," the word right, but the word does not look good.

This means "monkey" in Chinese, and it also means unstable, like a monkey. It looks pretty good.

Healthy and fit, it looks good

The tattoo is very good, the word is very neat, meaning "dream"

Poor child, the word in Chinese means "timid, suffocating, bullying"

Words that have no special meaning are piled together

Chinese pronunciation of English names, this is very interesting


Nothing to mean

Encourage, nationality? Nothing is

Iverson is very suitable for this word

Bonnie Grad, should it be her name?

Life and death are rich in life, very philosophical


It’s like missing three days in a day.
But there is also a hidden meaning that it takes a long time to make love.

Thinking about getting rich, this is very reasonable



a health care product in China

Chicken noodle soup?

In fact, the Chinese character of this tattoo is "soy sauce".

The three words are "fucking your mother, black tiger, robber"

Dumb American