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Chinese map

Foreigners often have some misunderstandings about Chinese maps and explain them here.


1. Tibet is an autonomous region of China.
2. Taiwan is a province of China.
3. Arunachal Pradesh is part of the Tibet Autonomous Region of China. China is called “Zang Nan” and is now controlled by India.
4. The Aksai Chin area is the territory of China.
5. A large part of the South China Sea is also China's territorial waters, which was determined around 1945.
6. Hong Kong and Macau are the territory of China.
7. Diaoyu Island is the territory of China.

(The above should be noted that all Chinese people are very concerned. If you communicate with people from mainland China, you will be happy if you say the above.)

There are several cities in Russia and the northeastern part of China and connected places. Chinese maps must be displayed on Chinese maps. China used to have more than one million square kilometers of land occupied by Russia. The map requires us not to forget. Of course, China does not currently think about the occupation.

Historically, China's land has been occupied by the surrounding countries. Hong Kong and Macao have also been forced to lease, so the Chinese are very sensitive to the territory, which is related to the country's self-respect.

Of course, China has changed from a small tribe near the Yellow River and the Yangtze River to a big country. It is the ancestors of the Chinese who won it little by little. All Chinese believe that the bigger the country, the better, even if there are many mountains, deserts, and plateaus. The Chinese also like it. For the Chinese who love to eat, every piece of land has the potential to grow delicious.

China Standard Map