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real China:Chinese impression of Germany

Chinese people like Germany.

On the one hand, China’s current spiritual teacher, Marx, is from Germany (although he is Jewish).
On the other hand, the quality of the products made in Germany is very good, which makes the Chinese very admire.
There is also one, the First World War and the Second World War, both of which challenged many countries in Germany, and the Chinese liked the strong, so they felt that Germany was very powerful.

German philosophers and scientists are fascinating, and the rigor of the Germans is also very admirable.

Before 2010, Chinese people like Germany, machinery manufacturing to learn Germany, vocational education to learn Germany...

Later, the Chinese learned more about Germany and found that it did not seem to be the case.

1. The selfishness of the German government
I want to use the EU to unite Europe, but I don’t want to take responsibility. I just want other countries in the EU to be the affiliates of the big countries and let the economic crisis in Greece and other places.

2. The incompetence of the German government
The problems caused by immigration are actually problems of the German government.
Politicians want to vote in this way, but they are completely irresponsible for the screening and management of immigrants. Immigrants can increase the German labor force, but more unstable people are added.
The Islamic Religious Affairs Alliance manages all mosques, but it is sent by Turkey (it is said to be the case), which is equivalent to the Turkish civil servants managing religious beliefs in Germany. Is this the strangest thing in the world?

3, the Germans' own helplessness
Germany has problems in history, so later, the Germans seemed to be very contradictory. On the one hand, they were traditional bold adventures, on the other hand, they were suppressed by modern civilization.
Therefore, the Germans do things that are not politically minded while doing rigorous things. Treating problems is also a double standard. They look at others very strictly and look at themselves very tolerantly. In this respect, there are many Chinese people who have a bad impression of Germany.

Even so, the Chinese have a good impression of Germany. ?After all, the Germans have created many miracles since 1800. They have shown excellent quality. However, many people think that if Germans can look at things more objectively, they may be even more it is good.