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Real China:In fact, our country should ban smoking nationwide, because it is also harmful, primary school students are smoking

On a website, some people suggested that smoking bans throughout China because cigarettes are too harmful to the body.

But some people have different opinions.

国家也懂对身体不好。 但是税收的多啊

The country also knows that smoking is bad for your health. But the tax is much



This is also a paradox. Smoking causes various physical complications and increases national medical expenditures.


I feel that premature death due to smoking saves more health insurance for the country

而且不抽烟是我难得的一个优点 大家都不抽了我就少一个优点了

And not smoking is one of my rare advantages. If you do n’t smoke, I have one less advantage.


You don't know how much tax a day for tobacco. Yes, it's a day


I know it ’s not good, too much to make.  

(From a sentence: I also know that this is not good, but her chest is too big.)