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How do Chinese people type?

After many people have seen Chinese, they are very curious about the input of Chinese characters. They think that the keyboard used by Chinese people will be a big and complicated thing.


However, in fact, the keyboard used by the Chinese is exactly the same as the keyboard used by the Americans. The keyboard only needs to be marked with English. Unlike some countries, it is necessary to mark the text of their own country on the keyboard.


Because Chinese characters can be organized by "Pinyin", "Pinyin" also uses 26 English letters.

Coupled with the intelligent improvement of the input method, with the Lenovo function, you can directly type a sentence, the recognition rate is quite high.

Because of this, early Chinese people used nine-button mobile phones to quickly type Chinese characters.

In addition, the amount of information contained in Chinese characters is very large, so using an ordinary English keyboard, the typing speed is very fast.