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real China:Can Chinese people believe in religion?

Foreigners often say: In China, you can't believe in religion, otherwise you will be arrested and locked up.

This is not the case.

There are many Buddhists, Christians, Islamists, and native Taoist believers in China, and many more, who believe in some inexplicable local gods.

There may be 1.5 billion people in China, and the real "atheists" may not exceed 100 million.


However, for two thousand years, the Chinese governors are very vigilant about religion.

Because in China, religion is often used as a tool to subvert the regime. Many people carry out anti-government activities in the name of religion. There are hundreds of historical records, and eventually these rebellious activities have become a tool for a few people to seize power. These anti-government activities have caused tens of millions of deaths, and many times have made China weak.

Therefore, although Chinese religious beliefs are free, missionary activities are restricted. These missionary activities often become the origin of corruption and terrorist activities.

In Chinese schools, religious activities are strictly prohibited. Students can believe in various religions, but they cannot collectively act. This is to prevent people from influencing students in the name of religion.

So, can Chinese people believe in religion? Will it be caught?

Chinese people can believe in religion. It is okay to study religious books on their own or to conduct activities at registered mission sites, but they cannot teach everywhere.

Because the Chinese are born with a view: Jesus and God can do it, why can't I do it?