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There are many "Judas" in China

There has always been "Judas" in China, and the Chinese call them "traitors". All in all, they are the same.

On the surface, the Chinese people are very united, but in fact, they are not. Maybe in the face of the genocide crisis, the Chinese people will unite, but many times, the Chinese people are not so united.

Today's China, without the Communist Party of China, may be better than India, but it certainly does not have great development potential. At most, it is similar to South Korea and Japan.

After COVID-19, people knew that they were not so great, and the great Chinese Communist Party. The Chinese Communist Party has always been leading the Chinese people and making China a great China again.

During Trump's presidency, he cut off the funding of "Judas" in China, so they no longer boast about the most powerful United States on the Internet and in the news, and they no longer blame China for its shortcomings.

After Biden took office, Judas had sufficient funds, so there were a lot of slanders against China on the Internet, which affected many Chinese people.

As the Chinese National Anthem says, "China is at its most dangerous time." China has realized that "Judas" also has great destructive power. Now it is conducting an inventory. Maybe some people's views will be more objective in the future.

Through "Baidu translation".