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Chinese national pride

Two thousand years ago, the Chinese had been the center of the world for many times, in the Han Dynasty, in the Tang Dynasty, in the Song Dynasty, and in the Ming Dynasty.

They can despise the world at the time because they are the most powerful and the richest.

Until 200 years ago, China fell behind, was bullied, attacked, and divided.

It was not until 1949 that a new beginning was ushered in.

It was not until 2010 that China really developed.

Of course, for the Chinese, they are still far away.

China lacks oil and iron ore compared to the Arabian Peninsula and Australia.

Compared to South America, China lacks a large amount of forest.

Compared with the United States, China lacks money, technology, and cultivated land.

China lacks land compared to Russia and Canada.

Compared with many European countries, China lacks money and technology and lacks a peaceful life.


In 1990, at the Beijing Asian Games, the Chinese were full of joy and everyone was very happy.

Yao Ming is very happy when he landed in the NBA.

Liu Xiang broke the record and the Chinese are very happy.

The Chinese women's volleyball team and Chinese table tennis are very strong, and the Chinese are very happy.

However, after the Chinese are happy, they are still saddened by the Chinese football because Chinese football is very bad.


In 2008, after the Beijing Olympics, after the London Olympics and the Rio Olympic Games, Chinese talents calmed down and gradually accepted their own deficiencies, and no longer desperately became the first in every field.

This mentality is hard to come by.

Because for the Chinese, the efforts of others are to create a new future, the Chinese strive to return to the position that the ancestors have ever reached.