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Chinese views on the Japanese

The Chinese used to like Japan very much, and of course they like it now.

The previous favorite refers to worship. For example, the Meiji Restoration has strengthened Japan. Many Chinese people go to Japan to study and want to learn how to make the country strong.

Later, he studied Japanese military and economics, medicine, etc. Lu Xun, a famous Chinese writer, was studying medicine in Sendai City, Japan.

Although in the history of China, Japan has been a dependent country for a long time, during the Tang Dynasty, a large number of people were arranged to study in China. Japanese culture and Chinese culture are very similar. However, after Japan’s power, it always likes to occupy North Korea and China. Land, maybe they are really afraid that the Japanese island will sink in the Pacific Ocean.

After the founding of the People's Republic of China, China is not very friendly to Japan, but Japan has helped China a lot. Japanese TV dramas and cartoons have caused great popularity, and Japanese electrical products have also been sought after.

It is a pity that the Chinese have great opinions on the Japanese Prime Minister’s visit to the Yasukuni Shrine. Together with the Japanese aggression against China, which killed tens of millions of Chinese, they have plundered a large amount of wealth and conducted human research in China. The famous 731 troops use China. People conduct bacterial weapon experiments.

So later, China was cold to Japan, gradually interrupting the introduction of Japanese TV dramas and cartoons, and also resisting Japanese goods (in fact, even if it was boycotted, a large number of Chinese still believed that Japanese goods were of good quality, attention to detail, and durability. The fact is also true)

Later, China's economy developed, and Japan had a small decline. After the economic development, China still did not dislike the Japanese. It only had opinions on the country of Japan because they had killed a large number of Chinese people without knowing repentance.

If it is a single Japanese, it is easy for the Chinese to accept him when he does not discuss Japan’s war of aggression against China. This is an attraction in culture. If he supports Japan's aggression against China, then he will be despised.

Now the Chinese think that the Japanese are not bad, pay attention to details, obey the order, and don't like to bring trouble to others. They are very depressed. It seems very good to eat. It is a very powerful country.

However, most Chinese also believe that once China is weak, Japan will inevitably invade China again. They like to worship the strong, bully the weak, and lack the style of a big country.

Chinese young people like to watch pornography in Japan, almost all of which are pirated. They like Japanese actress, represented by Aoi, and dubbed "Cang teacher"

The common hobby of the Chinese and the Japanese is to despise the Koreans together. This is the beginning of everyone's friendship.