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Real China:What did D&G do?

What did D&G do?

1. D&G made a seemingly weird advertisement, which was very clumsy to teach Chinese people to eat Italian food with chopsticks.

2, a Vietnamese girl feels bad, telling the designer (founder) that this content is inappropriate, was smashed by the designer, of course, the designer abuse China.

3. This matter was posted on the Internet, causing heated discussion among the Chinese.

4. Chinese stars refused to participate in D&G's product launch conference. Two famous stars have withdrawn from D&G's endorsement.

5. D&G issued a statement saying that the account was stolen. It is not a designer but a hacker. Probably people around the world won't believe it, so no one will forgive him.

6. Now Chinese people no longer buy D&G products. For many people, these luxury goods are used to show off after they are bought. Now that it loses its value of showing off, naturally there are no buyers.

7. The founder also released an apology video. I wanted to save some things, and naturally I was not forgiven.

8. D&G deleted the English comment on the Internet, leaving only Chinese comments, giving the impression that “Chinese people are unreasonable and implements cyber violence”.

What do Chinese think D&G is doing wrong?

1. The advertisements published by D&G are not suitable, but most Chinese people are not angry. They feel that D&G are arrogant, racially discriminatory, do not understand China, the company is stupid, and the designers are boring.

2. The designer (founder) insults China and is screened and spread. This is the point. Perhaps they are thinking from the bottom of their hearts that they despise the Chinese and make money from China. This is unbearable.

3, do things yourself, let the hackers carry the black pot, this is also the reason for people to despise, dare to do not dare to take responsibility.

4. Starting from here, what is going on in the future is wrong.

Is China important to D&G?

1. China is a big luxury market. Many luxury brands are making money from China. The purchasing power of Chinese people is also increasing. This is a big market. D&G has no market in China.

2. Chinese people who can travel and shop abroad will also purchase luxury goods abroad and are potential customers of D&G, but they are unlikely to like D&G anymore.

3. For the Chinese, there are many brands to choose from, no D&G, and other good alternatives. After a few years, D&G may have only a small share.

After a few years, will D&G start again in China?

1. The Chinese government has not made any statement on D&G. According to the government spokesperson, this matter has not risen to the level of diplomatic events. The government does not directly attack D&G.

2, because the Chinese designer is the founder of the company, can not be directly expelled, so before he retired, D&G did not have a Chinese market.

3. After three or five years, D&G may secretly re-enter China. Chinese people may not remember to have this brand, but its market will certainly be few and will be resisted by customers.

Finally, Chinese, Koreans, and Japanese who use chopsticks can easily eat Western food with chopsticks. And 3000 years ago, our ancestors had given up the not practical knife and fork, which has archaeological evidence.



Everyone can compare a group of advertisements 25 years ago. Chinese people like it very much. It is much better than D&G.
The US version of Vogue in December 1993, model is Linda Evangelista, photographer Arthur Elgort.
The main creation is fashion editor Grace Coddington. She recorded this experience in her autobiography Grace.