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Real China: Why do Chinese attach so much importance to China's territory?

Since 1840, China's territory has been losing. From 1840 to 1945, China is very weak, unable to protect its own country and territory, so the Chinese attach great importance to the territory.

Mongolia, Tibet, xinjiang, Taiwan, Hong Kong and macau were all places long ruled by China and separated when China was small and weak.

There are 1.5 million square kilometers of land in northern China divided by Russia.

The Chinese pay great attention to the integrity of their territory, thinking every minute of the lost land back. If you want the Chinese to see you as a friend, just tell them: Tibet belongs to China, xinjiang belongs to China, Taiwan belongs to China, Hong Kong belongs to China.

All those who have different opinions will be regarded as "separatists" or "people who do not care about the territory" and hated by the Chinese.


So sometimes you think you support freedom, but in the eyes of the Chinese, you support separatists.