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Real China: Have to face the reality, Japan has successfully controlled the epidemic


Japan has now released virus testing, and the number of confirmed diagnoses has not risen sharply. There are various signs that Japan has successfully controlled the epidemic.



If Japan succeeds in controlling it, it will prove that wearing a mask is the most effective anti-epidemic measure, paying tribute to those who do not repent in the West.


Okay Japanese brothers, you are under control, great

多少钱发一帖啊 带带我

How much is a post
Take me


I thought the virus only affected the lungs, but I did n’t expect to affect the brain.


Anything you have to face, it ’s a good thing that the country can control it


I also hope that Japan will not explode, which is definitely not a good thing. This kind of thing is as much a disaster as war.


Japanese measures cannot be duplicated. The Japanese have seen too many disasters, too calm, wear masks, house culture, do not panic, developed medical conditions, residents do well, consciously isolate, do not get together to trouble hospitals, and the government saves the serious , While delaying loans and grants to low-income SMEs, I think they are the only country that can implement herd immunity


Less than 200 people were tested in two days, more than 100 cases were confirmed, and they were still under control (?)