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Crazy house 2


China has a large area, and its development in various places is very uneven. The east and the south are plains. The precipitation is relatively large. It is close to the sea and the economy is developed. In the north and the west, there are plateaus, mountains and deserts. The economic conditions are general and it is not easy to survive.

Not only is the living conditions uneven, social security, education, job opportunities, and imbalances.

People want to be in better conditions, so they like to go to the east and south of China. For the 1.2 billion people in China, they are flocking to the east and the south. There are more and more people in the big cities, and house prices are constantly rise.

In the central and western regions, houses are not that expensive, but no one buys them.

In this way, the houses in big cities continue to rise in price, and the housing is still very scarce, so they continue to raise prices.

In China, if you own a house, you will have medical insurance and endowment insurance corresponding to the city. Children also have corresponding educational conditions. It is true that the education level of different regions and cities is also quite different. The difference between urban and rural areas is greater because Good teachers have gone to the city.

This kind of welfare benefits tied to the house is also one of the reasons why people are crazy about the good houses in big cities.