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Chinese and watermelon

Chinese people like to eat watermelon most, and the land on China has the most watermelons.

Japan and South Korea around China are not big enough, the output of agricultural products is not big enough, and the price of watermelon is very high. They like to cut watermelon into pieces.

The Chinese are very unconstrained. They like to cut the watermelon in half and then dig it with a spoon. Because China's watermelon production is about 70% of the world's watermelon production.

The spoon that is the most central of the legendary watermelon is the best...

The family is sitting together, each person holding half a watermelon, eating watermelon, watching TV, this is a happy life.


I heard that in the United States, watermelon is related to the skin color. It is really strange that not many people eat delicious watermelons.

If you find that the Chinese have bought a lot of watermelons in the United States, don't have any thoughts. He just wants to eat watermelon.

If a Chinese asks you to eat watermelon with him, don't misunderstand it, just because he thinks delicious watermelon can be shared with you.