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real China: Killing God

In Chinese myth, almost all the story of confrontation with God.


The sky appeared ten sun god, too hot, then we shot down nine, this story is called "Hou Yi shoot the sun".


Playing at the beach accidentally drowned, it becomes a bird, the title of small stones to fill the sea, the story is called "Jingwei fill the sea".


And the sun god race, has been catching up to the sun where the last thirst. This story is called "Kuafu catch the sun".


The flood came, no Noah's ark, but we dug the river, let the water flow. This story is called "Dayu governance flood".


No Prometheus to help us stolen fire, we simply use their own wood friction to create fire. This story is called "drilling wood fire".


There are two mountains at the door, go out inconvenient, simply dig the mountains removed. This story is called "Yu Gong move the mountain".


Ancient Chinese people very early on the gods as a service, all things done well is their own efforts, can not do their own incompetence, neither the need to thank God, do not need to be responsible for god.


In fact, the Chinese people are very realistic, if the belief is useful, he has faith, if divorced from religion, he is out of religion.


This may be a bit less sincere, but this is also the reason for the continuation of the Chinese civilization.




As we explore history more and try to find the roots of Chinese attitudes toward God, we finally find that this may be related to China's environment.

In foreign countries, the legend of the Great Flood should be scientifically the end of the Ice Age and rising sea levels. In China, in addition to rising sea levels, there was another flood caused by the earthquake on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. This flood almost cut off the Chinese civilization. In this flood, “Dayu” brought people to control the flood.

In other regions, God saved mankind, and in China, mankind saved himself.

China's Yellow River is a very special river, constantly accumulating, constantly diverting, constantly flooding, there is no law.

From ancient times to the present, China’s flood control has always been dominated by the government. This is a achievable achievement. If we work hard, we can create miracles, thus creating a strong government. The influence of religion naturally declines. After all, we pray to God. It is also impossible to avoid flooding by offering property.

The topic of the flood is "Outburst flood at 1920 BCE supports historicity of China's Great Flood and the Xia dynasty", published in "science"

So why do Chinese people believe in God? We can not only do what God does, but we can also replace God.