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Why do Chinese people like Kobe Bryant?

Kobe Bryant has a surprising popularity in China, surpassing Michael Jordan, O'Neill, and even more than Yao Ming.


1, because he is a successful player, has a lot of personal honor and team honor.

After Michael Jordan, many people in China think Kobe Bryant is very good.

2, because for the Chinese born after 1980, the personal hero who experienced the rough and rebellious personality is particularly popular.

Young people’s things are like this

3, paranoia, victorious, hardworking

"The sun at four o'clock in the morning of Los Angeles" has also been circulated in China. The Chinese people like to be diligent, and the diligent people are still very successful.

4, personal image (appearance)

Kobe is very handsome, in line with the Chinese aesthetics, and looks a little similar to a famous Chinese drama star. People have a sense of intimacy (haha).



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