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Why is covid-19 in the United States, the United Kingdom and the European Union so difficult to control? 1. People like freedom

At the beginning of 2020, China announced a blockade of Wuhan and all personnel could not get in and out of Wuhan. At that time, many people fled and drove to other places to escape from Wuhan.


But the order of blockade in Wuhan was carried out, and after more than two months, everything was better.


At that time, people thought that the United States, Britain, France, India and other countries would do the same and solve the problem.


Not yet.


Forbidding people to go out, these countries can't do well, and people don't like it.




Because they lived a long time of peace and freedom. They didn't know much about the crisis. They thought there would be a hero who would save people like in the movie.





The blockade of the city, not like this.


It needs the coordination of medical care, food, public security and other aspects, and people need to implement it seriously, instead of marching on the streets.


It's a pity that the US government can't do this well, and the American people can't manage themselves well.


After 70 years of peaceful life, people have no idea what danger they are facing.


And the Chinese, 40 years ago, there may be people hungry, people know that they have to control themselves, to get through the difficulties.


I think, if there is no accident, the COVID-19  in the United States, Britain, France and other countries will continue to spread, perhaps there will not be a day to stop.