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The remaining building of the collapsed apartment in the United States was blasted: the building fell to the ground instantly



my god~~~ Just put a monument on the spot



The buried person: Thanks to my friend for filling in the soil, I am not cold at all over there



what? The corpses of so many victims in it have not been dug up, so they are buried again?



The last time I saw a house collapsed and didn't dig a corpse, it was the earthquake in Nepal. After all, Nepal is a poor and backward country. Isn't the United States the No.1 in everything?


No body found, it's 0 dead! The American approach is great.




People under the ruins: "in fact, I can still rescue..."

It is said that a survivor under the ruins called for help for 11 hours, but the rescue team did nothing except chatting with the survivors for 11 hours across the ruins until the survivors were silent



If the chance of finding out the survivors is zero, it's no blame for other people's conspiracy theory. They don't care to save people at all


It fully shows us what is the real American rescue



As long as I don't get it out, no one will die



It can be seen that the functions of infrastructure and public housing facilities in the United States are already quite fragile!

But judging from the epidemic situation in the United States, it is true